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9+ Fails That Make Us Hate Bras Even More Than We Already Did

Kasia M 27 May 2019

Being a woman is a wonderful feeling. But being a woman also means having to deal with breasts, and therefore, deal with having to wear a bra. And that is no easy feat.

For all those times you cursed the thought of having to wear a bra for longer than five minutes this one is for you.

1. When That Cute Bra Backfires

It might have sounded like a good idea to get a zipped bra at the time but perhaps not when you're a fitness instructor. I guess this will do.

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2. When This Happens To Your Favorite Bra

Don't you just hate that? I mean, especially if your favorite bra is no longer available. Now, that's a total travesty.

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3. When You're Mad At The World

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And then you realize that it was just your bra that was making you go crazy. Phew! I say that's quite the relief.

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4. When You Need A New Bra

Sometimes your bra is sending you a not so subtle message that it's actually time for a new size. Ouch! Hate that.

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5. When Your Bra Is No Longer Your Friend

Don't you just love it when that happens? Ugh, I dunno what's more annoying than this, not to mention that it's also very painful.

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6. Those Tan Lines

I can't tell you enough how much I despise tan lines in general, but the bra strap ones absolutely kill my summer vibes.

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7. When Your Bra Just Doesn't Flatter Your Figure

Ha, ha, ha this one is classic. I tell you, some bras must've been made by Satan because they're just evil.

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8. When It's Just Necessary

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LOL! This one just cracks me up. Anyone who has ever worn a strapless bra will definitely relate to this one. Myself included.

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9. When You Get A Sudden Surprise

This is why I said "bye" to wearing underwire bras because I ain't got time for this nonsense. You know what I mean?

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10. When You Invent A Good Reason For Wearing A Bra

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Ha, ha, ha, I haven't heard that one before but seems like a pretty good reason to me. Maybe I'll start trying this from now on.

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11. When That White Bra Spoils Your Night

I used to see this happening all the time whenever I went to a night club but I just knew better to leave the white bra at home.

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12. When You're The Queen Of TMI

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Wow, talking about being quite bold here and on the first date. Somehow I don't think this is what he had in mind.

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13. When Bras Become Too Expensive

I feel bad for those ladies with big bosoms who have to keep buying new bras because their breasts keep getting bigger. They can be pretty pricey!

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I think most women have a love-hate relationship with their bras.

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Am I right, ladies? On the one hand, they make us look pretty but then they make us suffer.

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