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16+ Things That Weren't Actually That Helpful To Anyone

mason.zimmer 28 May 2019

No matter what place and time we find ourselves in, we're going to face some problems.

Although childbirth and finding safe water to drink don't require the gambles they used to for most of us, the people of the early 20th century didn't have to worry about constant surveillance and climate change like we do.

But not every problem exists on this grand of a scale. And for the little inconveniences in our lives, we tend to put a product or a system in place to fix them so we no longer have to worry about them.

However, some of these quick fixes not only don't help us, but actually make our problems worse. And we can't let them get away with it.

1. This bus stop fails in just about every way it possibly can.

Reddit | MayDayFlakes

Not only are there no seats to help people wait in comfort, but with no roof or walls, the wind and rain can get just as hard as they could outside.

So other than giving people some fresh ads to vandalize, what's the point of this?

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2. Most of the time, you hit a button on an elevator and it lights up to confirm which floor its going to. This one's a little different.

Reddit | sir_torial

Instead, this one lights up every floor when you choose one for no discernible reason. Hooray!

Technically, the one you pick is a little brighter, but it's hard to see that at first glance.

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3. There's nothing inherently wrong with these trash and recycle bins on their own, unlike some that just lead to the same pit.

Reddit | Mette1877

The only problem is that someone apparently forgot to tell the designer what that symbol means.

So now anyone who doesn't actually stop to read the signs is going to do the opposite of what they intend.

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4. I hope you know how to use this cutting machine because it was too busy ruining its own instructions to tell you.

Reddit | SolarMoth

OK, that technically happened because the adjustment lever was placed too close to them and people rubbed the directions away whenever they needed to make a change.

But that's obviously an important function for this machine so you'd think it would've come up.

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5. This watch isn't impossible to use, but it's so unnecessarily confusing that nobody would want to.

Reddit | shellingtonrose

The bottom of each number faces inward for some reason, which ends up dooming people to say, "It's nine, I mean six o' clock" until they get rid of it.

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6. If you're thirsty, here's a cool, refreshing water fountain that you'll never be able to use.

Reddit | ObsidianConspiracyIV

Not only is there no way we could possibly fit our heads in there, but I'm not sure that we could even fill a water bottle with this.

Besides, doing that generally requires being able to see if the water's actually going in. No luck there.

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7. The ads may help pay for the site, but that doesn't matter much if they're blocking the very reason people came there.

Reddit | KoopaTroopa43

At least, I'm assuming that when you're exploring a cave, the easy tip that you're supposed to remember isn't to deliver thousands of smiles with Amazon.

Smiles are great, but a torch or a map might work a little better.

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8. I'm guessing that when this person bought this sandwich, only the half with actual nutrition was showing.

Reddit | moaune

I'm sure they just "forgot" to fill the rest of it. Just like they did with every other one on the shelf.

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9. Hey, can you do me a favor and tell me when this ice cream expires?

Reddit | DaddyD777

If you're having a hard time doing that, then you probably understand why writing it in blue text on a blue label was a bad idea.

And yes, it is actually there if you look hard enough.

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10. Believe it or not, that bar is actually supposed to stop bottles in this vending machine from getting stuck.

Reddit | stormquantage

Without it, there's a chance that they would lean into the glass without going anywhere. And this bar is definitely doing a good job of ensuring they don't do that...or anything else.

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11. Ah yes, let's help the environment and cut down on plastic by choosing these paper straws.

Reddit | ughmazing

Unfortunately, it kinds of defeats the purpose when each one gets their own plastic wrapper to throw away.

Hmm, somebody should've thought this through a little better.

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12. Hopefully, visitors of the Fort Lauderdale airport know exactly where their gate and the restrooms are because this sign isn't going to tell them.

Reddit | xirces18

Granted, no airport only has one sign with all of this information, but why even keep it up if this is all that's left of it?

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13. It's pretty hard to tell what they hoped to accomplish by dead-bolting the women's bathroom like this.

Reddit | Bricks564

Sure this can provide some privacy and keep others out...when you put them on the inside.

By contrast, this just seems like it's trying to keep people trapped in the bathroom. And again, only the woman's bathroom has this lock. That's disturbing.

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14. Yup, they won't have any problems keeping everyone out now that this gate's in place.

Reddit | rpd051

That is, except for any person or animal who can scale a two-foot wall or has a buddy who can do that and open it for them.

But who meets those lofty criteria, right?

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15. This seems pretty hard to mess up. If anything isn't clear about how to use this watch, the instructions are right here.


The only problem is that they're instructions for a completely different watch, which makes them about as useful as if they were in a completely different language.

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16. Well, isn't this convenient? Somebody put a bar up here to keep the toilet seat from flapping back down.

Reddit | alex91s

At least, that would be convenient if people weren't known to occasionally poop and liked having an actual seat to do that with.

Why not take it out entirely if they want everyone to squat over the bowl?

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17. I'm sure that whoever put this up had their heart in the right place, but they also underestimated how useful mirrors really are.

Reddit | Bearded_Mushrum

For instance, as wonderful as body-positivity is, it's not really known to help people fish out a contact lens that's giving them trouble or help find the eyelash that found the most irritating place possible in their eyeball.

By all means, put a message like this above the mirror, but give us back our mirrors.

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18. Although people who leave their carts lying around probably don't think they're being helpful, they also may not realize what impact they really have.

Reddit | xdddddxdxdxx

I'll admit that I don't know what it's like to use a wheelchair, but I've also never heard anyone who does say, "Please find a way to make this more difficult for me to access!"

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19. Mother knows best.

Usually when I feel upset, I crack open a giant tub of ice cream all to myself and dive in with a spoon while binging Teen Mom OG.

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20. This security gate is disguised as a ladder.

Reddit | pcjcusaa1636

While the design is sleek, crisp, and modern, it's a really great way to welcome intruders!

You'd just better hope that the intruder can't climb.

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21. Usually the digital screens in trains or subways share important information for travelers about their service.

Not only is this information irrelevant, but also doesn't help anyone with anything.

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22. It's art, okay? You wouldn't understand.

Reddit | 5am281

All this mirror has done is make for a hilarious mirror selfie to really get your Instagram following cackling.

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23. Nothing like a little poke in the eyes to wake you up in the morning!

Reddit | CosmeBuzzanito

Sometimes caffeine just isn't enough.

In all seriousness, this is a huge design fail.

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24. This is a friendly reminder to always check how many chips you're actually getting in each bag.

Reddit | AApickleAA

Talk about a scam! Doritos thought they could fool their consumers, and that may be true, but not this person!

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25. I had to read this a few times to make sure I was reading it correctly.

Reddit | GallowPlaceholder

This is, possible, though.

The library could have received the coffee for free, and now they're selling it for a dollar.

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26. This baby changing table is probably cleaner than most, but that's because most people can't use it.

Reddit | mtwayn

This woman is about five feet tall, but even if she was a whole foot higher, she'd still essentially have to treat a baby like Simba to even get them on this thing.

And that doesn't even get into the actual changing.

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27. Apparently, this is a common problem with the exit signs at AMC theaters.

Reddit | MightyP1rate

If I ever make a movie while this chain is still around, I'm going to add a film credit for that sign because my production just wouldn't be the same without that strange green light in the corner.

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28. These wipes are flushable, but I would advise against it.

Reddit | Joe__Soap

I guess keeping your behind clean is more important that the fishies and turtles.

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29. I think the model's wearing these wrong.

Reddit | dhealey989

Or it's the latest skirt craze that I am out of touch with.

Regardless, this looks highly nonfunctional and uncomfortable.

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