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These Fish Sandals Are Summer's Biggest Crime Against Fashion

emily.mcwilliams 29 May 2019

I know that summer is when people unleash their inner fashionistas but there are some trends that should never, ever become a thing.

These realistic, fish-shaped sandals are one of those trends. Made by the UK brand Coddies, the sandals come in a variety of fun colors and are sure to turn heads at the pool or beach.

I just can't get over the feeling that those fishy eyes are staring at me.

Coddies are fish-shaped sandals and they are taking over beaches and pools this summer.

At this point, I would gladly embrace the return of Crocs over these. At least those don't have eyes!

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If you aren't as creeped out as I am by these, you can purchase them from the Coddies website or on Amazon.


These fish-inspired fashions won't break your bank either. They retail for about $25.

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The sandals come in a variety of fun colors.


From goldfish to pink salmon, there's a color for every style and mood. Okay, maybe, I would buy the pink ones. Maybe.

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Despite looking straight-up ridiculous, these shoes actually have really positive reviews online.

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People say they're comfortable and practical, so maybe we shouldn't judge the fish by its cover... or scales. You know what I'm trying to say. Would you buy these?

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