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16+ Times When Revenge Was A Dish Best Served Petty

mason.zimmer 30 May 2019

Most of the time if we do much besides keeping our heads down and going about our business, it creates more hassle than we really want to deal with. When someone takes an attitude with us, but it's not really a big enough deal to feel worth it, we just wonder what their problem is and move on.

And sure, in an ideal world, that's how it would work. Well, in an ideal world, they wouldn't have got in our faces in the first place, but whatever.

The point is that we're not in an ideal world and some days, our more petty sides can take over and we get an idea that's equal parts clever and evil.

1. Nobody likes the office lunch thief, so this brilliant little idea will probably satisfy a lot of people.

Twitter | @Dooppy

Considering how many of these fiends are out there, I'm expecting cat food sales to go up soon and the companies will have no idea why.

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2. There's a little background to this one, but it makes the revenge all the more delicious.

Instagram | @maddublier

Apparently, the person who left this dirty blender lying around leaves notes about keeping the kitchen clean all the time. The shoe's on the other foot now, huh?

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3. Unless Dan Wolk is the neighbor here, this sign might be a little misleading.

Instagram | @jack_mcgowan

When neighbors get petty, sometimes the politicians they support get caught in the crossfire.

Still, it's not like this is necessarily scandalous material here. We've seen people get elected after doing much worse.

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4. Not only is this revenge petty, it doesn't even seem that inconvenient.

Twitter | @PepeLePat

Sure, he might end up searching all over the place and wondering where his roommate put his shampoo the first time, but he'll probably just roll his eyes from then on.

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5. Apparently, somebody didn't like a band called Panic Volcanic's set very much.

Reddit | theguyondrumss

And the bassist liked this person's bizarre hate comment so much that they decided to make it into a poster. Well, that or they wanted to preserve their clapback for future generations.

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6. Normally, this would seem like a very nice gift for a departing coworker.

Reddit | Boobastank5

However, the person who was celebrating their last day was apparently a very vocal Flat Earther, so this was a fun way to troll them on the way out.

Plus, what other use would they have for a globe that still has the USSR on it?

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7. This cake was supposed to be celebrate two people's birthdays, but one of them flaked out on their own party.

Reddit | ToryK19

So the family's response was to cover up that person's name with a napkin and keep the party going like they didn't exist.

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8. As soon as Kelsi's name came up, one cheater likely realized what kind of troubles he had ahead of him.

Reddit | smarttdude

Some people throw their cheating ex's clothes out the window, others make them one of the prizes in the world's most petty scavenger hunt.

The regret must be real.

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9. This set-up seems a little expensive to be purely motivated by revenge, but it's probably a nice bonus.

Reddit | eyedontnowutimdoing

They've begged their neighbor to not let his dogs bark all night, but now they're going to fight fire with fire.

I can only offer my sympathies to everyone else in the neighborhood who will now be treated to the barking bugle follies featuring some very aggressive drum solos.

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10. When you're mad at a whole platform instead of a person, that requires another level of creativity.

Reddit | PonyoNoodles

For this person to get their Instagram account back, they required them to show their face. Obviously, not everyone wants that on the internet, so this is what they did instead.

No, Instagram, Ponyo is not playing your game.

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11. This was some brutal revenge for making their sister's present seem bigger and heavier than it was.

Reddit | chevymaliburumcake

Whatever is inside of this, it'll have to be pretty special to be worth the time it took to get through the duct tape nightmare.

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12. Even a toy that takes batteries and makes a bunch of noise won't cause the kind of parental aggravation this gift promises.

Twitter | @Hollywood

After all, there's a good chance they're already very tired of hearing "Let It Go," so how much will they enjoy a shrill, haltingly played rendition of it?

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13. The uploader's husband apparently woke up pretty mad at her because this is how he made the bed.

Reddit | bearfoxmousemushroom

Yes, he found a way to make only his part of it and leave hers unmade. That seems like it would actually be harder than making the bed normally.

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14. The customer may not always be right, but it seems they had a reason to be unhappy here.

Twitter | @larrykim

Most of us might have just left, but it's hard not to admit that the fact that they were able to put this together without anybody spotting them does kind of prove their point.

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15. Not only is this person double parked, but this is one of the many times they've been in the uploader's space.

Instagram | @strac114

So, they left their car next to this abysmal parking job with the full knowledge that they won't need to drive anywhere until the next day.

Haha, that should give the culprit some time to think about what they did.

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16. If there's one type of person we hate more than a lunch thief, it's a porch thief and someone wasn't messing around when they found the one in their neighborhood.

Reddit | maroonmallard

Let that be a lesson, folks. If you steal someone's figurative crap from their porch, don't be surprised to find their literal crap on yours.

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17. It's hard to tell what made her decide to click into petty mode, but she's definitely accomplished that.

Twitter | @kk_kempf

Not only has she made it clear that her ex was just dead weight, but there's probably a story behind her choice to replace his face with the clown emoji.

Tsk tsk tsk, buddy.

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18. Not wanting food to get stuck in the sink seems like a good reason for this request, but somebody's obviously not having it.

Reddit | todddevall

Not only are they on their way to dumping a whole supermarket in the sink, but anyone who leaves a note with three exclamation marks seriously means business.

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19. It's unclear what kind of dispute this person is having with their landlord, but it must be pretty heated if they're doing this.

Instagram | @empireit

In case it's not clear, they've decided to pay their rent using only singles. Somehow, I doubt the landlord will find it comforting to hear, "At least it wasn't all in pennies."

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20. Somebody locked their cat in the bathroom because they were being annoying, but the cat helpfully reminded them they didn't know the meaning of the word.

Reddit | GreyGhostPhoto

That's a face that says it not only did this on purpose, but knew to strike where their owner was at their most vulnerable.

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21. "Gonna smell bad."

Reddit | BoundIsaac

The person who created this warning must have to deal with a lot of awful car parking jobs.

I mean, I love me a good processed cheese single, but not a car fully lined with them.

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22. I am fully on this person's side.

Reddit | palegeo

We pay with our own hard-earned cash to feed ourselves, which can already be hard enough.

A Tinder date is not an invitation to raid the fridge. Never.

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23. Angry mall-goers showed this driver just who they are for parking like that.

Reddit | Joey8obby


When it's Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening at the mall, and you park like this, you shouldn't expect any other reaction.

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24. Whatever this person did, it must have been bad.

Reddit | millerb82

Not just one or two, but TEN times the karma is going out to this homeowner.


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25. Don't cheat. Just don't do it.

Reddit | Hmmmm_Interesting

Not only is it just horrendous and cowardly, but something like this could happen to your valuables.

So if you want your motorcycle burned to a crisp, then by all means.

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26. This person just murdered this person's white car.

Reddit | TadyZ

Did this bad parking job deserve a jar of jam smeared all over it?

Honestly, yes. That is going to be really hard to get off once the sun bakes it.

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27. Do you think their parents will take the hint yet?

Reddit | silentscope87

These siblings decided to really take revenge on their parents making them take a picture with Santa every year, and I'm sure their parents are not impressed.

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28. Go O F F, grandma!

Reddit | mrmaster2

If she wants to share the wealth, I'll be right over here. Hello. Hi. I'm very low drama and I don't like to fight over trivial things.

But I could really use some cash. Only if you want to share, granny.

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29. If this article has taught you anything, it's to pay closer attention to the way you park.

Reddit | mattythedog

And to always park between the lines. And if you are a little bit over, don't risk it. Just don't.

Because you may end up with a sassy note like this.

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