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11+ Photoshop Fails From Ads That Are As Bad As They Are Funny

Kasia M 1 Jun 2019

Advertising can be subjective, right? Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's really bad. But what happens when a seemingly great idea goes sour because someone decided to use Photoshop badly?

Well, when that happens you can rest assured things are going to be hilarious. And here's proof.

1. Everyone Sunglasses

Reddit | HolyWaterHangover

Looks like everyone is enjoying their sunglasses here. Only whoever Photoshopped this forgot that they supposed to blend into the picture and not blatantly stand out.

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2. When Your Sizing Is Off

Reddit | kyxiePi

It must be so nice to be enjoying a gorgeous view while you light a candle. Oh wait, that's one huge ass candle!

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3. When You're Half Assing It

Reddit | FlowerTantrum

This is what happens when you get called into a meeting halfway through your Photoshopping job. Clearly, they forgot to finish it later.

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4. When Everything Goes Wrong

Reddit | u/nbolty

I don't even know where to start with this picture. Everything seems wrong here from her overly highlighted skin to the swimsuit placing. It's all off.

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5. When You're Missing Something

Reddit | moldypeach213

So much wrong here. For starters, the shirt is clearly Photoshopped and the weird placement of the hand looks like it's missing a digit.

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6. Legs For Days

Reddit | NicosStories

Wow, talk about legs that go on forever. Ha, ha, ha! I think somebody got quite carried away working on these promotional mail outs.

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7. When Your Baby Has A Toupée

Reddit | ZombieCat91

I know some kids are pretty much born with a full set of hair but this looks more like a bad toupée.

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8. When It's All In The Eyes

Reddit | ivyleafff1994

I think somebody was playing around too much and ended up switching the eyes around. Because they're looking in different directions lol.

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9. When You're Super-Imposed

Reddit | Luckymick123

I don't suppose it was in their budget to have an actual kid wear one of these T-shirts. But I guess this will do.

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10. When You're Shopping Online For Clothes

Reddit | kodrein

And come across this Chinese website that has the most curious models. Wow, somebody got paid to post this to a retailer site?

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12. A Butt Situation

Oh come on, nobody can be that skinny while at the same time have a butt shaped like this? How is this even natural looking?

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13. Not How Mirrors Usually Work

Reddit | tinydonuts

I mean, I'm no expert on taking pictures of models in mirrors, but I would guess that her back should be what's reflected in the mirror.

Just a wild guess, though.

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14. Bustier Might Be A Little Too Tight

Instagram | @yo_doggie

This bustier is so tight that is chopped off part of the model's torso!

Probably not a very good marketing strategy.

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15. Long Sleeve and Long Torso Dress

Reddit | Scottybud

We are all absolutely built differently. Some of us have shorter or longer arms or legs, but I'm not convinced this is something that this dress is catering to.

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16. Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

Reddit | tilly435

This ad is really trippy.

This woman is somehow holding two sets of crossed knees. You would think the editor would have caught on to this?

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17. Something Just Doesn't Add Up Here

Reddit | eneed93

I know we should be focusing on how great this waist trainer is supposed to work, but all I can see is the model's enlarged cartoonish wrist and hand resting on her hip.

It looks like it hurts.

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18. When You Feel Like You're Seeing Things

Reddit | u/tangledknitter

I dunno if it's just me, or do these polka dots seem like they're just floating in the air? Don't trust it!

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19. A Crotch Situation

Reddit | shnookshnook

This would be a really great ad for a cute swimsuit until you look down at um ... her crotch area. What is exactly going on?

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Wow, looks to me like some of these brands need to really rethink who they hire to do their marketing and advertising.


Because these are laughable, to say the least.

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