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15+ Pics That Made Us Laugh Even Though We Don't Know Why

We can all think of times when our friends sent us this picture or video that made them die laughing, but just left us scratching their heads. It's sort of like those "you had to be there" stories, except there's not even a place and time to tether the comedy to.

Still, it's not totally hard to understand because most of us have been on the other side of that confusion. I remember I showed my mom this video where a bunch of 3D models flailed around and swore at each other and she looked at me like I had three heads.

Today, we're going to share some sights that gave us this inexplicably funny feeling whether they meant to or not.

1. Music festivals are known to bring out colorful cast of characters, but this guy definitely stands out.

Reddit | SprehdTehWerdEDM

If there's a deeper meaning to this bread outfit, I have a feeling that only he knows what it is. Still, if he wants a snack without paying crazy festival prices, at least he can eat his necklace.

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2. If nothing else, this teacher definitely knows how to hold her class' attention.

Reddit | BlueeGreen

It was often pretty easy for our eyes to glaze over in chemistry, but you'd need nerves of steel to do that while your teacher is threatening each formula and staring this intently at you.

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3. There's a very good chance that this generous soul is about to give someone a free trampoline.

Reddit | ShavedPademelon

Of course, most people wouldn't be too enthusiastic about winning draws if their prize was launched at them at 50 miles per hour.

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4. Apparently, this is a reference to the decision to ban the mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in Iraq.

Reddit | AntiqueCoconut

Presumably, whoever had these shoes made isn't happy about that idea, but I'm not sure that would come across to most people who see them on the street.

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5. This would be kind of cute on its own, but that butter trailer gives it that extra little boost to make it a delight.

Reddit | KingRing727

It may not serve any purpose, but nobody should be forced to drive plain, dry toast around.

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6. When you spend enough time living in a hot place, it can start to mess with your mind.

Reddit | kormac-bot

The only way that framing your air conditioner makes sense is if you've just spend a hellishly long period of time without one.


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7. If enough people play around like this, future generations are going to think we actually turned Shrek into a religion.

Reddit | MrY-theOrangutan

That said, these are some final wishes that I would be more than happy to honor.

What better way to honor someone's life and the way they were loved than an enduring symbol of both of those concepts.

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8. This old-school parking meter is sitting at the end of an old logging road and nobody's really sure why.

Reddit | rockcrawler2112

After all, who's going to give me a ticket for parking here, a bear? Is there even any money in this thing?

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9. It's hard to tell what's going on here, but it's clear that something didn't go according to plan.

Reddit | Bigreddog19

Whether the owner chained this car to the gate to deter thieves or some prankster did that to the owner, they obviously didn't accomplish much besides making the driver listen to a weird rattling sound as they went.

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10. Even the most evil of galactic emperors need a vacation sometimes.

Reddit | whatthedragon11

You might be wondering why he's not just using the force to pull fish out, but that's kind of like asking a chef why they don't cook on their day off.

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11. I'm very glad that somebody invented the piano aquarium, but it's hard to tell how it actually works.

Reddit | Xander395

Does having to make room for a bunch of water and fish affect the sound? Does playing it do anything besides annoy the fish?

There are so many questions here.

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12. I'm not sure what kind of high-flying financial moves this person is making, but I wouldn't count on using that ATM for a while.

Reddit | Bofumaga

This is also true if this person is just hitting random keys and yelling "enhance" every now and then. Sometimes, it can take a lot of work to accomplish nothing.

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13. It seems like you either love or hate this tattoo, but it's hard to appreciate how well it turned out.

Reddit | fetus-wearing-a-suit

I guess when you're blessed with a bellybutton that's so good at indicating mild dismay, you can't let that gift go to waste.

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14. Even though this woman has covered her bed with her own face, she's still made it pretty easy to tell which one is the real her.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

It helps when she's not only making a different face from the others, but also when most of the ones that could be mistaken for hers are turned in impossible directions.

Good luck figuring why she's doing this, though.

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15. Most people could only imagine themselves imitating this sign, but one man refused to let his dreams be dreams.

Reddit | BezerxRBLX

Hopefully, his friend similarly had it together in this moment because that's definitely a position you don't want to hold for longer than you need to.

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16. It's easy to be weirded out by a sight like this, but I have to admit that this kid might be onto something.

Reddit | Mantviis

The bike gives the hoverboard a little extra stability, but the hoverboard makes it so nobody has to pedal.

It's so lovely to see them complete each other like this.

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17. It's hard not to admire how patient everyone is being about the fact that this beekeeper decided to bring his little buddies here.

Reddit | RazeBlods

It's pretty telling that he's the only one here who doesn't have a drink, though. Servers don't get paid enough to wade into a swarm just to take an order.

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18. It's amazing how much putting a fake mustache and googly eyes on a sleeping kid can mess with the brain.

Reddit | pantiesUpinabunch

I'd bet that even the parent who did it needs a second to re-process what's going on here whenever they walk back into this room.

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19. "We can sit here all day, pooch, so tell us who peed on the couch!"


The look on the dog's face kills me. "Help? Please send treatos?"

I have no idea what the backstory is here, but I do know one thing: all dogs are good dogs.

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20. This kitty has some big feet!

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

This is totally something I would do to my dogs, but full marks for whoever managed to get those shoes over kitty's paws without waking them.

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21. Unlike the cat, this dog is awake and resigned to being the butt of the joke.

Reddit | Demonic_angelboy04

He's just like, fine, take your picture, human. He'd better have gotten treats after this.

Request: I need a gif of him walking around with those on, please and thanks.

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22. Nope, I do not choose you.

Reddit | mossberg91

What kind of person looks at a bunch of adorable Pokémon plushies and thinks, "I should tear them apart and then sew them back together into some Frankenstein monstrosity?"

This person.

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23. There are tons of ways that people add style and personality to their motorcycles.

Reddit | Xailers

But usually that involves cool colors or maybe some art painted along the body, but this takes things too far. Those feathers would be so annoying while actually riding the thing.

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24. Speaking of questionable style, what is up with this golf-themed table?

Reddit | aveons

I can't mock the execution, though, because those legs are alarmingly life-like.

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25. More police departments should get Google reviews.

Reddit | blackpepe2008

I love how this guy has a great sense of humor about the whole thing. Presumably, if he's leaving an online review, his arrest wasn't for anything serious enough for prison.

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26. Milestone pics of babies are a huge trend right now.

Reddit | lilmizzvalz

But if you're in the age range where all your friends are having kids, it can become a bit much to see them fill your social media feeds.

This woman had some fun with it and I love her.

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27. Fluffy! You're supposed to be guarding the door to the Sorcerer's Stone!

Reddit | E_--_--_--_--_--_--_

Although, I think Fluffy was described as a dark animal, not a three-headed husky.

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28. Um, I think this cat needs to lose some weight.

Reddit | 2manyToys

Trust a cat to find the best place to curl up and enjoy the sun. He fits; so he sits.

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29. This koala mask is seriously judgey.

Reddit | redditrunner2

Of course, according to the photographer, their sister was crying in the store, so this was their solution. I bet it worked.

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30. Public urination must be a serious problem at this spot.

Reddit | The-Mediocre

It requires two signs. One to tell you it's not allows, and the other to say that you will be filmed doing it and will be humiliated on the internet.

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31. In the hierarchy of passive-aggressive office notes, I love this one.

Reddit | El_throatchoke

Most notes end up being so vague that they can be easily brushed off by the actual culprits, but this one is super specific, a little bit funny, and self-aware.

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32. This vending machine has some deep, philosophical thoughts.

Reddit | digitalteacup

However, if the sign says that it still works and then the machine fails to dispense, do we get our money back for false advertising?

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33. I can't say I ever expected to have to follow these instructions in a wheat field, of all places.

Reddit | logioes

I guess this is one way to find out that sharks aren't particularly big on eating wheat. I'm not sure that's a question anybody asked, but there we go.

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34. It's hard to blame the uploader when they said they wanted their Chipotle to go.

Reddit | KScounts

I happen to know that this person is dressed like a creepypasta character named Jeff the Killer, but he's not exactly a household name.

Not to mention, if there isn't a convention or something in town, this still raises a lot of questions that many of us would be a little afraid to ask.

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