10+ DIY Projects That Should Have Never Happened

Kasia M 9 Jul 2019

DIY projects can be so much fun. I mean you get to A) do it yourself and B) reuse some of your old stuff to make something cool. But what happens when a good idea turns horribly wrong or when the idea was horrible from the get-go?

Well, the following examples are the perfect answer to that question.

1. Childhood Memories


Oh boy, this preserved childhood teddy bear collection looks like something out of a horror movie. I don't think this is how you do it.

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2. Nifty Top


Is that actual boxer brief used as a recycled item to make a woman's tank top or are my eyes fooling me? I've never seen that done.

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3. DIY Nails

Reddit | rinvevo

Is that a mosquito they used to encase inside their DIY nails? Who in their right mind would think these homemade nails were at all attractive?

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4. Stile-docs

Reddit | ukuleleemusic

Because you always wanted to wear stilettos that look like Doc Martins, right? I'd like to see them actually attempt to walk in these. I'll give them $20.

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5. Portable Umbrella

Reddiyt | AristonD

I guess if you can't find a suitable umbrella stand why don't you just attach the umbrella right on to your back, eh? That's so convenient! LOL.

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6. Baby Teeth Earrings

Reddit | book-nerd-daisy

So I've seen lots of cool DIY jewelry crafts but turning your baby teeth into earrings is definitely not one of them. Would you wear this?

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7. Pant Planters

Reddit | WhalesharkWithSocks

So apparently pant planters are a thing because they've been spotted popping up all over the place. Why? Am I the only one who thinks they're creepy?

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8. Wood Panelling

Reddit | OrthodoxWarlocks

Some people really take their devotion to their car to the extreme but my question is, who would do this hideous thing to their car?

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9. When Comfort Is The Key


Call me crazy but I really like to be nice and comfy when chilling in my backyard, so why get these for $120?

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10. Baby Bloomer

Reddit | remonstrater

The fact that someone had the idea to hand make this creepy baby doll planter is disturbing enough but who would actually want to buy it?

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11. Makeshift Drapes

Reddit | askalsky

You know your friend is a real cheapskate when you see this monstrosity instead of actual drapes. What? They couldn't even get a rod?

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12. Jean Bag Chair

Reddit | noneo

If this isn't the most awkward chair I've ever seen I dunno what is. Who is it for? I bet the dogs would love it though.

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13. Repurposed Lamp

Reddit | PraxisLD

What is it with people reusing old dolls to make stuff with? The only explanation for this is that they must be decorating a haunted house.

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I can't believe people thought these ideas were perfect for a DIY project.


I guess nobody stopped them so they just went ahead with it. Don't try this at home.

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