Spicy Taco-Flavored Coffee Will Give You A Little Extra Kick To Start Your Day

Caitlyn Clancey 11 Jul 2019

The world is full of unlikely pairings. Do they all work? No, not always. But let's take a moment to appreciate the people who are pioneering new foods, testing the limits of our taste buds, and asking that almighty question, "What if this was a thing?"

I'm looking at you, pickle pizza, and at you, Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola. And yes, even you, KFC Cheetos Chicken Sandwich. These are the foods that, on paper, don't exactly sound appetizing. But in real life, people can't get enough of them.

So, looking back on some of these more questionable food combinations or experiments that people genuinely seem to really enjoy, is taco-flavored coffee really that crazy?

Yeah, it is, but I think we should all at least give it a chance.


Tacos are pretty incredible on their own, and nothing beats a hot cup of coffee in the wee hours of the morning. So could it really be so terrible to see these two things be combined into one curious but potentially delicious new beverage?

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The company CoffeeAM is behind this spicy new brew that offers consumers the chance to try something really weird.


According to Best Products, these gourmet coffee buffs have come up with a new flavor combination that their website describes as being a "surprisingly pleasant mix of taco spices and heart meat flavor."

So far so good, right?

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It gets better because, as CoffeeAM so helpfully points out, you can save your waistline and skip the trips to Taco Bell by opting for taco coffee instead.


"Whether you're a die-hard Mexican food lover, or you're just craving that spicy taco taste, Spicy Taco flavored coffee is a great alternative to all of that fast food."

The company is also pretty confident you'll fall in love once you brew yourself a cuppa: "Once you get a taste, you'll wonder why other roasters haven't tried this exceptionally delightful brew!"

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So what do the people who have actually tried this coffee think of it?

Giphy | Product Hunt

Well, believe it or not, the reviews look pretty positive, with an average score on the company's website of 4.1.

"Wow and I mean WOW!" one enthusiastic reviewer wrote. "I opened the coffee not expecting much! And then BAM! The aroma hits you and it actually smelled like tacos."

Another admitted it's an acquired taste, while someone else said one brew had their entire house smelling like delicious ground beef sizzling in a pan with taco seasoning. Unsurprisingly, they gave it five stars.

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If you're curious enough to give this unique coffee drinking experience a try, you can order yourself a bag through the company's website.


You can choose regular or decaf, plus your personal coffee grind preference, and finally just how big of a bag you think you can handle. You even have the option of adding a complimentary personalized message to your bag which is a unique little touch. A 1lb bag will cost you $12.49, with a 5lb coming in at $36.95 and a 0.5lb worth $7.95.

According to their website, each bag is roasted fresh to order and shipped the same day, so you know your brew is as zesty and fresh as possible. And isn't that what you want with you taco-flavored coffee?

h/t: Best Products

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