Quotes About Married Life That Have Us Saying 'You Got That Right'

While every marriage is different and people certainly have their own unique experiences, there are also some consistent norms that somehow prove true across the board.

We've compiled some quotes that embody the very essence of being married in all the most hilarious and strikingly right ways that will have any married couple nodding in complete knowhow.

1. Here's one for the wives who always feel like they have a speed racer on their hands.

It's been noted that married couples tend to have different driving styles. Sometimes husbands get a bad wrap for being scary drivers, even before they press down on the gas peddle.

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2. This quote is for those who go from "happily ever after" to "indefinitely frustrated."

Here's one for those married couples that have mastered the not-so-subtle art of pushing each other's buttons in all the most frustrating ways.

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3. Now here's one for when someone tries to be the shopping police in the marriage.

This is definitely one for those who feel like they're being a bit handled when it comes to their pocketbooks and how many dozen outfits they decide to bring home.

Whether it's from hubby or wifey, it seems someone is always trying to take the reins when it comes to managing money.

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4. Finally, here's one for those of us who have to be the actual grown up in the marriage.

While it's usually preferable that both parties be fully matured adults, sometimes someone likes to be a little bit (or kind of a lot) babied. If the shoe fits, someone ends up wearing it.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if any or all of these quotes resonate with you.

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