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12+ Autocorrect Fails That Made Ordinary Messages Funny As Duck

Caitlyn Clancey

Oh autocorrect, how I loathe thee.

From randomly changing words to not having a clue which word I'm trying to spell, it seems like this flawed piece of technology can never seem to just get it right. But sometimes those mistakes, while infuriating, can also be hilarious.

Here are some of the funniest examples of little Miss Autocorrect doing her thing and unintentionally making the whole world laugh.

1. Fair point, autocorrect, fair point.

Sometimes autocorrect just seems to know what we're thinking before we even think it.

Like, of course I know my hubby will almost definitely find a way to ruin this trip to Costco today but that thought hadn't even actively crossed my mind yet! Autocorrect, you shady queen, you.

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2. I'd much prefer the chocolate, to be honest.

Autocorrect also knows what we're all about. While it'd be nice if people still held open doors for each other, we certainly wouldn't complain if a man came up to us, gave us a bar of chocolate, and then disappeared again.

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3. Uh oh.

I'm not saying technology is in the process of rising up and destroying us. But you have to admit, that autocorrect seems less like a blunder and more like a warning.

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4. Please stop mixing those two up.

This is one autocorrect that I can never seem to take in stride. The second it happens to me, I get so furious that I physically have to step away from my phone for a few minutes to calm down before collecting my thoughts and trying again.

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5. "Take the hint" - autocorrect.

You know what? It's okay. It happens to the best of me. For instance, sometimes my autocorrect changes "Amazon prime" to "check your bank account, sweetie."

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6. The worst part? She's not even a blond little blind girl.

Autocorrect is bad and all, but can we also throw some shade at the bakery that couldn't even put a smiling blind girl on this cake that they assumed was for a literal blind girl on her birthday?

Look at that poor figurine. She's miserable.

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7. Okay, now you're just getting ridiculous.

Seriously, sometimes the "corrections" that autocorrect makes just seem like it's trying to get a laugh during an otherwise uneventful day.

I know it must get pretty boring being stuck inside my phone day in and day out, but there's no reason to start playing pranks.

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8. You caught me.

Autocorrect wants us to be our most honest, authentic selves, which I can appreciate, but some things don't need to be shared with my contacts, okay?

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9. You can expect a strongly-worded email from the PTA any minute now.

I think this is another example of autocorrect getting really, mind-numbingly bored and deciding to try and spice up the day a little bit with some pure chaos.

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10. I'd prefer that, actually.

Autocorrect might be onto something here. After all, a panic steak sounds much better than a panic attack. And tastier, too.

I'll take my medium rare and with some garlic butter, please and thank you.

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11. Calm down, autocorrect.

I know millennials use the laugh-crying emoji too much but one thing I refuse to do is put LOL into all caps. Nothing is that funny, and if I'm trying to stop a conversation dead in its tracks, you better believe it's going to be with a dismissive "lol."

All lower-caps or nothing. That's the rule, autocorrect.

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12. Please just figure this one out for me.

While I do give autocorrect a lot of hate, I can't deny that sometimes I find myself relying on it and hoping that it knows me enough to make the necessary corrections.

After all, if I'm typing out a long, frustrated message to someone, odds are I'm doing it so quickly it's riddled with mistakes, but I don't have time to stop and edit.

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13. "Meh" is right.

Autocorrect hit this one right on the head. Let's all just collectively stop using the word "men" and start referring to them as "meh" because that just seems way more fitting, don't you think?

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14. Autocorrect just wakes up and chooses chaos.

Even when you're right, you're wrong. And when you're wrong... Well, autocorrect thinks you're doing just fine on your own and sees no need to step in and make any changes whatsoever.

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15. Why am I doing your job for you?

Look, I don't want to complain to management, but I just feel like I'm doing all the work when you're the one who's supposed to be helping me.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to go over your head on this one.

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16. SOON

What's happening soon? Only autocorrect knows. And judging from the way it's been acting lately, we can trust it won't be anything good.


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17. Good morbid, everybody.

You know what? I'm not really mad about this one because that's just a whole mood, isn't it?

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18. Autocorrect needs a dictionary.

That, or it's reached a point where it's sick of trying to be helpful and has decided to just be as unhelpful as possible.

"Yeah, you spelled that word right and yeah, grammatically it fits that sentence perfectly well... But what if I were to just change it completely?"

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19. Better let him down easy.

Autocorrect put her in a bit of a tough situation, but you just know it ended with her telling her breathless, excited husband that he was sadly misled the second he comes crashing through their front door.

Sorry hubby, those are the breaks.

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