Baby Delights The Internet By Forming Adorable Friendship With Swim Teacher

One of life's greatest double-edged swords is the fact that we can never really predict how it will go.

In many cases, this uncertainty can be a source of great anxiety for us as we can find ourselves putting a lot of effort into plans without any real clue as to whether our work will actually pay off.

But in the midst of these worries, it can be easy to forget that it's just as likely for life's little surprises to delight us.

We may find that things we would have assumed could never happen are suddenly possible. We might find that a run of bad luck can suddenly reverse course just as abruptly as it darkened our days.

And while those are both everyday possibilities, one adorable story reminds of another truth that makes life's adventures worth pursuing.

We never truly know where we'll end up meeting our best friends.

For the past seven months, Tracey Martorana has enrolled her 10-month-old son in swimming lessons at Saf-T-Swim in Wantagh, New York.

As Good Morning America reported, little Lucas has been taking private lessons every week and one of his instructors is a man named Carlson Rogers.

And according to Martorana, Rogers became the baby's favorite teacher almost immediately.

And as far as anyone can tell, their fast friendship had a lot to do with how Rogers paces his lessons.

Martorana said Rogers is very good at adjusting to Lucas' mood and refrains from pushing him too hard. He's patient with Lucas and gives him time to cry when he's upset, but he also matches his energy when the baby wants to have fun and splash around.

As she put it, "I love watching the relationship. Carlson is a big strapping man and Lucas loves to hug him and hold onto him."

And whether Rogers realizes it or not, that makes him a member of an incredibly exclusive club.

In Martorana's words, "Being a pandemic baby, our circle is really small. He knows the grandparents, immediate family and then there’s Carlson. Carlson is a part of our crew."

And when we see how tender Rogers is with him, it's not hard to see how the child became so comfortable around him so quickly.

When the mom put a couple of their cutest moments together on TikTok, it quickly became clear that the internet finds their bond as heartwarming as she does.

This is especially true in the case of the TikTok we see here, which over 630,000 people have seen by the time of this writing.

And the audience's responses have been about as affirming as you might expect.

As Martorana said, "The comment section is hysterical. Everyone loves Carlson. I think it was just something important for people to see. Love knows no bounds."

h/t: Good Morning America