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Teachers Are Sharing The Worst Parents They've Ever Had To Deal With

Teachers go into the profession because they love their craft and want to make children's lives better. But, with students comes to their families and many times their parents. Dealing with students is one thing, dealing with their parents is an entirely different beast. However, it's something that is totally unavoidable and has to be done. Sometimes, it ain't pretty.

What a terrible person.

LLL-cubed shared that she was absent from work for a few days because her mom was terminally ill and passed away. A student received a few zero's on their assignments while she was gone. When the mom called to inquire, she relayed that her mother had passed.

The mom said "she didn't care if her mom had died," her son did "not deserve zero's."

Boys will be boys will never, ever play well.

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"While I was teaching third grade, we took a restroom break. One of the boys decided to pee on all the other boys' pants and shoes instead of in the urinal. He was written up for his behavior in his folder. The father, who was an English professor at the university, called me during my brief lunch break to tell me I needed to remove the demerit from his folder because 'boys will be boys' and he was just being cute and funny," shared one teacher

Like father like son.

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pipalin said they have a student who just messes around in class and always laughs when they try to discipline them. Has been trying to get ahold of the father for weeks, and, when they finally do, the father laughed at them just like the kid.

The profanity for me.

"I once had a student who was behind on her homework. I wrote the missing assignments in the student's planner to let her mother know she was behind. I got a written reply from the mother that said, 'Well, help her [expletive] do them, then,'" said another.

Parents who use social media to find you and threaten you...

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One teacher said that a mom found her Facebook and threatened her because her child had not been wearing a coat at recess. Turns out, the mom was banned from school and ended up in jail for threatening her.

A stalker? Win.

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"I had a parent go through the phone book and start calling all of the people with MY LAST NAME because she was upset that her child may need to be retained for first grade. The only reason I knew about this, is that she reached my parents, who refused to give her my phone number. (And then who called me in a panic about this crazy parent trying to find me)," said _queen_frostine

Don't get pregnant, because, you know teaching is your whole life.

"As a high school teacher, I was told by a parent during back-to-school night, 'I hope you don’t get pregnant and have to go on maternity leave, because my son shouldn’t have to deal with a hormonal teacher for months,'" said alyssiai2

Kids don't need to be in school to learn, sure.

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One parent blamed a teacher, kels_la, for her son's 19/20 days of absences. Apparently, when the mom found out her son was failing, she blamed the teacher for "not teaching him when he was in school." Guess attendance counts for nothing.

"I'm calling the Pope!"

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"I work in a Catholic school. One day, I gave a student detention for acting out in class, and his mom threatened to call the pope on me. She was not joking. She legitimately thought she'd be able not only to contact the pope but also to get him to care about her son's detention," wrote teresac32

My child isn't going anywhere...sorry.

"I went to a football game to support my students as well as to meet some other parents who didn't get to see me on open house night.

'Hi, could you make your class a little easier? We know X isn't going to be anything when he grows up, so we want his senior year to be the best year of his life,'" wrote happy_pants_man

Thanks, I guess?

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Another parent asked a teacher if their child was having any behavior problems in her class, because the previous year he had some. When the teacher said no, the parent replied, "it's because you're pretty cute," and that the last teacher was "ugly."

That's an order.

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"I had a parent who was upset about their child's grade. She emailed me and asked for a conference, to which I replied that I would get in contact with the counselors and have it scheduled. She responded back, 'No, I want a meeting with you, out back,'" wrote nikkig4d9b4fc80


A teacher said that a parent had requested a meeting for a parent-teacher conference, but she couldn't make it so she called instead. The next day, the daughter said that her dad had said the teacher "had a nice voice for phone sex."

Return my napkins or else!

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"After I forgot to use some napkins at a class party a few years ago, a parent angrily showed up at my door and demanded that I return the napkins so she could find another teacher who would appreciate them," said a teacher.

Talk about a violation of boundaries.

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"On the first day of school, the father of one of my students put his hand on my stomach to check whether I was pregnant. He wanted to see if I would make it teaching through the whole school year or if I would be leaving at some point on maternity leave. His wife was mortified by his behavior, and so was I," said someone else.