These Brides Who Can't Help But Show Off Their Wedding Dresses With Pockets

As we speak, I'm right in the midst of wedding dress hunting, and that, my friends, is quite a tall order. There are so many different styles, silhouettes, and even color hues to choose from. It's all very confusing and overwhelming.

But one feature I would love my wedding dress to have is, get this, pockets. Yes, you heard me right, pockets. What?

This isn't exactly a new phenomenon but wedding dresses with pockets are being made more and more these days.

Because to be honest any dress with pockets is the best.

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Am I right ladies?

I mean how convenient is this feature? You don't even have to worry about carrying a little purse for your lippy, napkin or cell phone.

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Looks like this trend is a bride's best friend with many brides now looking for this specific feature in their dresses.

I'm looking forward to finding a dress with pockets.

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Brides everywhere are boasting about their wedding dress with pockets and it already has me pretty jelly while looking at their gorgeous pics.

I gotta get one, too.

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As it turns out, you don't have to sacrifice any style when it comes to a wedding dress with pockets.

It can be as elaborate or even pretty simple.

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Turns out this bride already scored a dress with pockets back in 2011.

Wow! She was able to have all her necessities right there with her. How awesome.

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When the trend is that good even your bridesmaids will jump on it.

Check out this cool bride and her pretty ladies all wearing dresses with pockets. So fun.

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No wonder this bride is all smiles from ear to ear because her dress is gorgeous and it has pockets.

LOL! I would be beaming like her too.

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Look cool as a cucumber when you pose in your wedding dress when you can just casually slip your hands into your dress' pockets.

Pretty and pretty convenient.

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Looks like wedding dress designers are jumping on this pockets trend.

This beautiful Mori Lee dress comes with them too. Oh, Mori Lee dresses are really really pretty.

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It doesn't matter what style of a wedding dress you choose whether it's A-line, strapless or a ball gown because they all can be made with pockets.


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Here's a simple style dress made that much more fabulous because it comes with handy and convenient pockets.

This lady looks like she's absolutely thrilled about it. I would be.

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Oh my, imagine this lady's surprise when she not only loved this dress but then realized that it also had pockets?

That's like a cherry on a delicious sundae.

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Okay, this settles it.


I definitely want to get a wedding dress that comes with pockets. This is the best feature you can have in a wedding dress.

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