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Brad Pitt's Son Maddox Comments On Strained Relationship

Rae Batchelor 11 Sep 2019

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's separation has not been a clean one, but due to their children's lack of social media, the effect this has had on their relationships with their parents has largely been unknown.

There's no mystery about his closeness with his mother, however.

On the day Angelina dropped him off for college, this video of her speaking to his peers went viral. In the video, she says, "“I leave today; today is the day I drop him off. I’m trying not to cry."

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Angelina's dad, Jon Voight, has made that very clear.

“Well, she’s a good mom I’ll tell you that," he told Closer Weekly. Despite their up-and-down relationship over the years, Voight was sure to mention her motherhood abilities.

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His praise continued.

"She is very loving to the kids and very much there with them, always there with them although she has a busy life," he said.

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"I’m very proud of her.”

"She doesn’t miss any opportunity to inquire into their lives and help them every step of the way," Voight said in a rare interview where he discussed his previously tense relationship with his daughter.

Voight isn't the only one who's had a reportedly tumultuous relationship with his children.

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It has been reported that Maddox Jolie-Pitt and his father have had a strained relationship.

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However, most of these reports came from unnamed sources and could not be confirmed by either Maddox or the actor himself.

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Some of these rumors stemmed from the much-discussed incident on an airplane in 2016.

It was reported that after Brad and Angelina had gotten into an argument on a flight that Maddox had stepped in between to defend his mother which led to an alleged altercation between the pair.

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These reports were not confirmed.

Although Brad and Maddox have not been seen publicly together since 2016, there has been no evidence that this incident occurred or was the catalyst for any relationship drama between the two of them.

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Until now, neither party had discussed their relationship publicly.

Brad's reps declined to comment on the pair's relationship, saying they did not speak about the actor's personal life, but it looks like Maddox has no such issues.

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Now that Maddox is off in college in South Korea, it looks like he's speaking up.

In Touch

In Touch obtained an interview with Maddox as he appears to be walking around on campus where he answers a few questions about his relationship with his father.

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Maddox was asked if he thought his dad would visit him at college.

His answer was, "“Um, I don’t know about that," which doesn't seem to be a ringing endorsement. When asked if his relationship with his dad might be over for good, Maddox responded, "Whatever happens, happens."

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Not an enthusiastic response.

Either way, it looks like Maddox is enjoying his college career, and hopefully he will not be bothered too often by paparazzi.

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