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Millie Bobby Brown Is Being Dragged For Her Video Promoting Her New Skincare Line

Rae Batchelor 11 Sep 2019

Millie Bobby Brown is certainly doing a lot for any teenager — she's starring in an incredibly popular show, Stranger Things, she's doing some modelling, she's pitching original stories to Netflix, and she's recently started a skincare line, Florence by Mills.

Unfortunately, she has just been struck by the curse of the skincare routine tutorial.

Back in May, this curse befell Kylie Jenner.

In her video, Kylie was dragged by fans for still having makeup on during her tutorial and only washing her face for ten seconds. Millie is having a different, but similar issue with the video she uploaded showing off the Florence skincare line.

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Just like Kylie, Millie is clearly wearing eyeliner all throughout the video.

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Keeping your makeup on is not a great idea for your skin, and you should be washing it off if you're washing your face anyway. But the most egregious part of the video was that it looked like Millie wasn't putting any product on her face at all.

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You can check out the video here.

As many people in the comments of the video pointed out, it doesn't appear like there's any product on Millie's hands or face as she's demonstrating them. One fan wrote, "Was this a mock application? She didn’t use any of the products on her actual face."

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Her comment section blew up.

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The video has since been taken off the brand's Instagram page, and for good reason. It's possible these products are extremely light, and couldn't be picked up by the camera, but no matter the explanation, it doesn't look good.

Quick question — what does a 15 year old need a skincare line for?

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