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14+ Weird Pics That Make Us Embarrassed To Be Human

Paddy Clarke 12 Sep 2019

Do you ever see something that makes you just shake your head and think, "how have we got this far as a species?" From the downright stupid, to the unpleasantly weird, the world is full of things that do nothing but make us feel embarrassed to be associated with the human race. And, for better or worse, the internet is full of people immortalising these things for us all to share in that embarrassment.

So, here are 14+ weird pictures that will make you shake your head and go red in the face with embarrassment for simply being a human.

1. "The amount of McDonald’s coffee cups in this persons back seat"

Reddit | tanzaniteflame

Now I actually quite like McDonald's coffee against all the odds. However, this is frankly disgusting. Unless it's a plan so that you never have to give anyone else a lift, in which case, good job I guess.

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2. "This lady I drove past earlier today: Cranford, New Jersey"

Reddit | Icy9kills

Wait, you're telling me this has been happening for over 30 years and we've just been letting this happen? Someone call CNN!

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3. "When you forget the very important step of disconnecting the container from your truck"

Reddit | TookLongWayHome

I like how the lights being on, make the front of the truck look like its slightly alarmed at being lifted that high. Well, in my head that's what it looks like.

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4. Mummified Animals In The Back Window Since 1985

Reddit | kelceymb

Just, for a second, imagine what it must smell like in that car.

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5. "New parents at our local hospital just named their newborn Metallica."

Reddit | DoodieMcDoodoohead

I mean, I guess it's better than El-Sie/DC.

(I'm really happy with that one actually, just thought I'd let everyone know)

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6. "The front page of my home town newspaper."

Reddit | WetFishing

I mean, if you're able to shoot yourself in the testicle while you're just putting the thing away, you probably shouldn't have one. A gun I mean, not a testicle.

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7. Safety In The Workplace 101

Reddit | Lastlight10

This is actually quite impressive. He's managed to find a way that actually makes his job more dangerous while trying to make it safer, unbelievable.

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8. Mmm, Delicious, Delicious Soap!

Reddit | _fuffs

I think everyone had that moment in their life where they may look at a particularly beautiful soap and think, "I wonder how that tastes?" However, the thing that separates us from the animals is out ability to recognize that that is the wrong thing to do. I mean, I guess it is chocolate colored which is a bit of red herring.

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9. "Wouldn't just fixing the AC be easier and cheaper?"

Reddit | geocentrist

Yes, yes fixing the AC would be cheaper and more easier. However, that would be far too sensible an option for the human race.

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10. "Some guy was selling an old fridge full of Jurassic Park SNES cartridges for $1500 on eBay."

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

Well, it's not entirely accurate, there is also a half empty bottle of rum in there too, so it's not a complete waste. Either way, this is the kind of crap that we use the internet for, let that sink in for a moment.

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11. This Warning Sign


The fact that this sign has to exist in the first place should make you weep for humanity. Oh, and the dolphins, definitely weep for the dolphins as well.

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12. The Urinal Is Out Of Order

Reddit | Koolice989

Who could be that desperate that they lift up the bag and just urinate in there anyway? This really makes me embarrassed to be human. Imagine the face on the janitor when they were confronted with that.

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13. The Worlds Safest Disable Access Ramp

Reddit | landfish123

Oh aye, that should really help people get up and down. I like that they got over halfway up and then thought, "Y'know, this might be a bit steep, let's plateau it out a tiny fraction before we hit the top."

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14. "Baby under pile of groceries"

Reddit | empire1018

I actually don't know if this is weird or just downright awful, but it definitely makes me embarrassed to be human.

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15. "These brushes at the supermarket that people used"

Reddit | antarticpenisula123

I'm actually struggling to look at this one. Bags of urine and urinating on dolphins are bad enough, but using the hairbrushes in a supermarket, that is just downright animalistic, get a grip humanity!

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16. "Coffin for Sale. Disclaimer: corpse not included"


It's a _dead_good deal, you'd be crazy to miss it!

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17. "When you first move in and you have no pots and pans"

Reddit | SpaceWalker2050

I'm guessing that's chicken, but it kind of looks like banana skins, which is exactly what you want from your food. I mean, It's not like under-cooked chicken is dangerous or anything.

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18. "Just found this in the English woods."

Reddit | C3ncio

I feel like you could put this exactly as it is in a modern art gallery and it would win a plethora of prizes.

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19. "Well this happened about an hour away from where I live."

Reddit | youareuo

I can offer literally no explanation as to how this could possibly have happened. I imagine somewhere there is a driver calling his boss saying, "Look, you're not going to believe this."

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20. I Don't Even Know Where To Begin With This.

Reddit | trorg

I was so confused already by the bizarre rambling claims about dogs with colon cancer, and then they just throw the word "pervert" on there and I don't really know what that relates too either? I guess I'm the idiot for even trying to make any sense of this nonsense.

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