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Artist Proves All Women Are Beautiful With 'American Beauty' Photo Shoot

Emily McWilliams 12 Sep 2019

It's not unusual for photographers to take inspiration from famous movies or pop culture moments. However, very few of these artists use this inspiration to send a powerful body-positive message.

One photographer decided to channel a famous scene from American Beauty to show the real beauty of American women today.

Do you remember the scene in "American Beauty" where Mena Suvari is covered in rose petals?

That iconic scene inspired photographer Carey Lynne Fruth to make her own photo series that celebrated the diverse beauty of all women.

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The scene in "American Beauty" presented a young, thin, blonde woman as the epitome of beauty.

But Carey wanted to show that women who don't have those criteria are beautiful, too.

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All of the models in the series are volunteers.

Carey wanted them to be as authentic as possible and tap into their own sensuality.

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Self-empowerment is a major theme of the photos.

While in American Beauty, this scene plays out as a man's fantasy, these photos celebrate a woman's autonomy over her body and sexuality.

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When casting models, Carey wanted a variety of ages, ethnicities, shapes, and sizes.

By including a diverse group of models, Carey hoped to break the "paradigm of American beauty standards."

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The photos have been praised for their body-positive message.

We've made some good progress when it comes to shaking up the beauty and fashion industries, but we still have a long way to go.

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Some of the models featured are body-positive influencers and advocates.

Sonya Renee Taylor of the popular Instagram account The Body Is Not An Apology, is seen posing in this sensual photo.

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Carey's work for these photos quickly went viral.

She's been featured in a number of publications, including HuffPost and Cosmopolitan.

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So far, Carey has created 14 of these stunning portraits.

She's said that the series is on-going and she's looking for volunteers to collaborate with, so if you're up for it, maybe you could participate in this awesome body-positive movement.

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