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Trader Joe’s Has Cinnamon Bun Spread—You Don’t Got None Unless You Got Buns Son

Sydney Brooman 12 Sep 2019

There's a new trend in food innovation that's like "Turn all of your food into dessert. Trust me. Just do it" (endorsed by Nike probably).

You've probably heard of something called cookie butter: the spreadable gooey... um, I'm actually not 100% sure what it is, but it tastes like cake batter cookie dough buttery nutellay goodness and Trader Joe's sells it and I trust Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's remembers when your 3-year anniversary is. Trader Joe's won't ghost you for two weeks and marry your sister. Nothing but positive vibes here folks.

The crown jewel of all dessert breakfast foods is obviously the cinnamon bun.


Its got dough. Its got icing. Its got spice without god-forsaken pumpkin flavoring (Come at me, I dare you. Do it).

The point is, we're all aware that cinnamon buns take the cake. They full-out make the world a better place. They're the Mr. Rogers of baked goods.

The only downside to the bun of all buns is that when you eat them for every meal all the time, you start getting judgmental looks.

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Luckily, Trader Joe's has a way for us to have our bun and eat it too.

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Cinnamon Bun spread follows the same formula as cookie butter, except that its, you know, cinnamon bun flavored. Spread it on a toast. Spread it on a piece of fruit. Spread it on a spoon. Spread it on the forehead of your most recent Tinder date while he's tied to a hollow log during your forest ghost summoning ceremony and let the baby deer softly lick it off. See how versatile this stuff is?

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It's like, 4 dollars.

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Can you imagine that ish on a pancake? A waffle? A relic stationed at some ancient ruins? So much to cinnamon bun spread and so little time.

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What are you waiting for? It's literally available right now.

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We're giving you permission to indulge a little. Trust me. You'll thank us later.

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