15 Strange Photos Only The Internet Could Explain

Diply 9 Apr 2018

Do you ever come across something when you're out and about and realize that you have absolutely no idea what it is? Maybe you think it's something safe, but it turns out it's not at all. Or maybe you've stumbled upon something that will bring you all the dolla-dolla bills.

But to really know that you've found something amazing, you've got to get the answers to all of your questions. And sometimes, only the internet has those answers. Here are a bunch of things only the internet could figure out.

1. Whatever this is, it is beautiful!

Reddit | kikister

A Reddit user came to the rescue on this one. Apparently, it's called slag glass. Slag looks a lot like glass, but it's actually the leftovers of metal that have been separated out. Whoa, science!

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2. It looks like an orange watermelon, is the size of a clementine, and is very fragrant.

Reddit | HeyItsHevar

There isn't much information on these, but they are called dudaim melons! It is an overarching word for melons that have been developed into a variety of other types. Cool!

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3. When a Reddit user found this old game, they had no idea what it was!

Reddit | TeeDeeJay

It's actually from the game 13 Dead End Drive, a game my little brother was obsessed with when we were growing up. Hardly anyone I know has ever played this game, so clearly I've just been a hipster my whole life.

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4. This honeycomb-looking rock actually has nothing to do with bees or dinosaurs.

Reddit | okie_dokeeee

A Reddit user solved the mystery by suggesting it is a gypsum-filled mud crack, which was formed when gypsum filled in the cracks in dried mud. Cool!

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5. These pretty things look like glass, but they're not!

Reddit | mnehne

Once again, if it's found on a beach, I probably won't be touching it. This is velella, a type of hydrozoan with toxins that can definitely hurt you.

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6. It definitely looks like two-thirds of the Deathly Hallows symbol, but it's not actually.

Reddit | rmajor86

Apparently, it's actually called a trig point which is used to survey land and other things in the surrounding area. Not as exciting, unfortunately.

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7. These strange scissors are used to cut one specific fruit.

Reddit | larry794464

I had no idea that they designed scissors to cut the eye of a pineapple, but apparently they did! They are meant for getting those weird pieces out of a pineapple — who knew that was necessary?!

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8. This is not something I'd ever put in my hand, no matter how pretty it might look.

Reddit | goforajog

Anything found on the beach is automatically dangerous in my mind, and I'm not wrong here. It's a part of a siphonophore that can totally sting you.

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9. You know how your McDonald's burger has a weird white spot on its bun?

Reddit | xxxmimsimcfly

Well, McDonald's has answered everyone's most burning question. It's basically just an air pocket, but enough people must have been concerned for McDonald's to bother giving an answer!

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10. This strange suction cup thing is actually super useful!

Reddit | N1kk0s

You have probably seen these on the back of cell phones lately, and that's because they are used to help keep your phone stabilized in your hand. Considering that most phones are the size of your face, this is super handy!

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11. Have you ever seen these odd white lines down the middle of your street?

Reddit | Istartedthewar

It's not some alien species leaving a message. It's just a truck leaving salt behind before a winter storm. But I'd take an alien invasion over another winter storm, thanks!

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12. While this looks like the key to some strange box, it's actually not a key at all.

Reddit | EffinTerific

It's actually called a roach clip and is used to hold the end of a cigarette when the flame gets too close to your fingers to comfortably hold it any longer.

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13. When I first saw these, I was convinced they were the colorful erasers that I put on the end of my pencils as a kid.

Reddit | _keeper_of_secrets_

While they aren't erasers, they are cone incense!

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14. This seems like an odd gift to give, but someone gave it!

Reddit | schtoink88

The internet's best guess is that this is a pin that was given to salespeople when they finished their training in bra fitting. I'd prefer a raise, but I guess I'd take what I could get.

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15. This might not look very appetizing, but it's actually a sweet treat from China.

Reddit | arwedgorella

It doesn't really have an English name other than "reg sugar stone," and there isn't much information available online. It's basically sugar and honey crystallized, and apparently it's pretty tasty!

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Jinkies! They solved it!

Giphy | Giphy

There really are some things only the internet can solve.

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