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Have Your White Claw And Wear It Too This Halloween With Bloody White Claw Makeup

Have you ever had a White Claw? If you haven't, you're part of a very small portion of the legal drinking population that hasn't.

People have been absolutely enamoured by the spiked seltzer beverage, so much so that they've gone to pretty intense lengths to show their love for it.

Who knows who came up with the idea of making it look like a cold can of White Claw impaled their forehead.

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But, it's a thing that now exists.

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There are those who like to dress "sexy" for Halloween, and there are those who lean into the gore a little more.

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This one is a little too real for comfort.


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Have your White Claw and wear it too.

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This woman is drinking to that!

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Before you go and do this yourself, just make sure you watch a tutorial first, or else you could really do some damage.

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I found a really great one for you here!

What do you think about this gory White Claw makeup? Let us know!

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