10+ YouTube Makeup Tutorials That Went Off The Rails

YouTube is such a great resource for any kind of tutorials and how-tos. It's especially handy when it comes to makeup videos. I'm always getting tons of awesome makeup application tips.

But I've also stumbled upon some questionable advice and makeup tutorials that make no sense at all. Like applying 100 coats of makeup. Yeah, you heard me right. Apparently, that's a thing.

Here's a girl who used a fidget spinner to apply her makeup.

YouTube | oraange

Does it work? I have no idea. I guess people will use anything these days to stand out.

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This lady with a staggering 10+ million views (I kid you not) offered some unusual blending techniques.

YouTube | NikkieTutorials

She used household items I would have never thought of, lol. WTF!

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Speaking of using weird things to apply makeup with, why not your bra insert?

YouTube | Ronkeraji

Apparently, this girl uses it instead of a beauty blender. Ha, ha. It seems too weird for me.

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If you're a cat person listen up, these guys applied kitty litter mask to their faces because, why not?

YouTube | Joey Graceffa

It's just clay, right? So why not just get regular clay?

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If you follow this lady, you may have seen her geode lips tutorial.

YouTube | POPSUGAR Beauty

I admit this look will give you a great Instagram picture, but it's just not practical in real life.

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You may have heard about this bizarre trend.

YouTube | Natalies Outlet

You're supposed to put your full face in water after applying all your makeup to set it, I guess. Here's the result.

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Pumpkin spice takes over in the fall, but this is just gross.

YouTube | twi_star

Yum! I agree it's delicious as a latte, but putting it on your nails? That's going too far.

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Now here is one item most girls have in their bathrooms.

I just never thought it would be used for this purpose. Come again? How is this practical?

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Pardon my question, but why would you stuff a beauty blender inside a condom?

YouTube | Manny Mua

Doesn't it just defeat the purpose? Just use it as-is!!

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And then there's this.

Instagram | @SadiaSlayy

Clearly I'm missing something here. Why is she using her shoes, (yes, shoes) to apply her foundation? Since when did people stop using actual sponges? OMG!

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To add insult to injury people are heating up their foundation then applying it to their face.

YouTube | Leyla Rose

Honestly, her face says it all. What's the point? It looks exactly the same.

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This girl attempted to put on 100 layers of mascara.

YouTube | iwanted2c1video

Don't ask me why, I don't get it. Racoon eyes, anyone? Then she did this to her lips. Again, why?

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This is what happens when you attempt to put 100 layers of foundation. I dunno why anyone would go for this look. I can hear her pores screaming in agony.

YouTube | Jeely

I dunno why anyone would go for this look. I can hear her pores screaming in agony.

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This is proof that not everything you see on YouTube is worth seeing.


I guess people will do anything these days to stand out, and then masses will watch.

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