These Disney Princess Tattoos Are Adorably Perfect

Diply 23 Aug 2017

Disney princesses have been a subject of obsession for decades. And although I don't necessarily understand it, I can definitely support it. After all, Disney princesses are brave, beautiful, and kind.

As it turns out, there are some Disney princess fans who have taken their obsession to the next tattoo form! Disney princess tattoos are as cute as they sound — trust me on this one.

How pretty are the colors in this Princess Jasmine tattoo?

Instagram | @morguettetattoo

The bow, flowers, and hearts were a super cute touch.

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Cinderella's carriage! This is such a unique spin on a classic Disney icon. 

Instagram | @natalie_h_w
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The colors in this Beauty and the Beast tattoo are so vibrant. 

Instagram | @princessraytattoo

And the inclusion of the rose is perfect.

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This Mulan tattoo is simple, striking, and has just the right amount of detail. 

Instagram | @mommabear949
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Ariel and Belle? Yes, please! These tiny princesses are downright precious. 

Instagram | @michilove_
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Wow. The colors, detail, and realism of this Pocahontas tattoo are simply amazing. 

Instagram | @bodiesillustrated

Who's your favorite Disney princess, and why? Comment and let us know!

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