11 Beautiful DIY Terrariums

Diply 14 Nov 2016

I do not have a green thumb. Each spring I stare out at my freshly thawed garden with fear and resignation. Then I call my dad to ask him to deal with it.

I think I could handle a small terrarium, though. I think. Maybe. Join me in the experiment, won't you?

1. A pretty mug planter.

the slug and the squirrel | the slug and the squirrel

Proof that you don't even need to buy a special planter for your tiny garden. Just don't try to drink from the wrong mug when you're blearily reaching for that first cup of coffee.

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2. Tiny spice jar gardens.

Target | Target

These are adorable and so easy to make!

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3. Or teeny wall gardens.

Ruffled | Ruffled

An accent wall would look awesome covered with these beautiful magnetic terrariums!

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4. Hang one in a teardrop.

Instructables | noahw

The hole in the side allows air in, as well as providing an easy access point for the occasional spritz of water.

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5. Make it glow.

The Rainforest Garden | The Rainforest Garden

This clever DIYer chose a vessel with a big dimple in the bottom. This means that they can set the terrarium on top of a small LED light, making the whole thing glow from within.

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6. Don't toss your old French press.

Tumblr | leveloneteam

My favorite part of this is that the mesh plunger acts as a barrier between the soil and the rocks, which is great of drainage!

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7. All out of gumballs.

The Crafted Sparrow | The Crafted Sparrow

This would be especially fun if the gravel was dyed bright bubblegum pink and blue!

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8. Go faux with a lantern.

Persia Lou | Persia Lou

If you're really terrible with plants, but still want the look, you can always fill a dollar store lantern with fake succulents and moss.

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9. I'm sensing a theme.

A Charming Project | A Charming Project

Or I just need more coffee. Either way, this carafe makes a great terrarium, too!

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10. Just add water.

Dream a Little Bigger | Dream a Little Bigger

For something a little different, you can also buy live aquarium plants and make a mini water garden.

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11. Let there be light!

Muy Ingenioso | Muy Ingenioso

Gorgeous! This would be easy to DIY with a paper lantern and glass vase the same diameter.

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