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24 Times Bored People Were Seriously Creative And We Can't Even

Diply 13 Dec 2017

Have you ever been so bored you had no idea what to do to pass the time? Apparently, experiencing boredom can lead to some creative things.

Now I know what I'm going to do next time I'm bored out of my mind — I'm going to become internet famous with one of these creations.

1. What else would you do if you saw a cockroach?

Reddit | zargon1978

This is hilarious, but the real question here is: Who actually was willing to put the tie on Milton the cockroach?

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2. Anyone who has the patience to trace every single wrinkle in their paper is truly determined.

Reddit | jbaig77

It turned out oddly beautiful in an abstract "I don't get it" modern art kind of way.

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3. How many packs of Skittles were necessary to build this guy? 

Imgur | Imgur

I can't figure out how they were able to make this without eating all of them. I've got a sugar craving just looking at it.

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4. They say if you enjoy your job, you won't work a day in your life.

Imgur | housedemolitionsydney

So either they were extremely bored, or they love their job a lot. What do you think?

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5. I always wanted to be talented and creative enough to do this.

Reddit | reiddit5

Math class would have been 1,000 times more enjoyable if I'd known how to do more than just write 58008.

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6. A couple of bored employees can go a long way.

Reddit | Violator92

This is actually gravity-defying and it's entirely possible these grocery store employees might have a future in physics. Someone tell me how it was done!

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7. This is actually really impressive.

Reddit | JohnnyPlainview

You would definitely need some sort of knowledge of physics to make this work, which means there's no way I'd even be able to get it started.

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8. Another totally impressive physics-defying creative time suck.

Reddit | PersonalStalker

Seriously, how long did it take to get one of these to work, let alone three of them!? I guess if you've got the time...

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9. It looks like this carrot might come from a special region of the world.

Reddit | cozzbp

Particularly the Easter Island area. Do you see any uncanny resemblances here? Once you see it, you really can't unsee it.

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10. This pinwheel made out of staples is a total optical illusion.

Reddit | UmbottCobsuffer

It doesn't look like staples at all, but I can't stop staring at it. Am I being hypnotized right now?

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11. Now here is a bit of creativity I can get behind.

Reddit | NikonNights

I'll take two of anything that has sparkles. And if a game controller has sparkles, well, I might actually give video games a shot.

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12. These copper wire scorpions are so cool that this creative bored person could probably sell them for a pretty penny. 

Reddit | KnightScuba

Scorpions terrify me, but I'd probably buy one of these off a random guy at a street fair.

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13. This is the creative work of someone who lives in a retirement home.

Reddit | SpookyMcMartin

It's a spaceship made entirely out of razors and other recycled random home goods.

I guess retirement is the perfect time to turn boredom into artwork.

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14. This Super Mario is made out of a ton of floppy disks.

Reddit | crispkin

And considering almost nobody uses floppy disks anymore, this is not only creative, but it's also good for the environment. At least someone is putting them to good use.

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15. Not only does this take a creative mindset, it also takes some serious knowledge of physics.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x 

Which is knowledge I definitely do not have, so I'm super impressed by these skillz.

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16. Someone got pretty bored on their trip to this Chinese temple.

Reddit | @ismisesteph

I'm not entirely sure who just happens to carry around googly eyes when they travel, so my guess is that this is an ongoing thing.

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17. If you're stuck inside during a bad storm with no electricity, try getting creative with just some paper.

Reddit | brimstone18

This fire-breathing dragon made out of paper and tape is pretty darn impressive.

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18. Art can be made out of just about anything if you have a creative mindset. 

Reddit | doforothers

Like this rose carved into an apple! The concept is pretty simple, but the result is gorgeous.

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19. Next time you find yourself getting bored, why not try and take photos that will totally trip people out?

Reddit | Huddunkachug

Like this guy and his girlfriend who managed to take this photo at an angle so strange, it looks like he doesn't have any legs.

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20. I'd probably file this one under "bored kids who are also actually lazy."

Imgur | Jfrkc

If your arm is getting tired from holding up your phone, this is a creative solution. But also, I'd suggest just taking a break altogether.

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21. This book spine poetry is beautiful, ominous, and creative all at the same time.

Completely Novel | Completely Novel

I approve of how this person spends their time when they're feeling a little bit bored.

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22. Who needs to wait until Halloween to carve something this fun?

Reddit | kuroCoyote

Apparently this Reddit user's friend loves to carve watermelons whenever he gets bored from cooking, because why the heck not?

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23. This car eating Godzilla-esque snow monster is pure imagination.

Reddit | Olsettes

I mean, if your car is stuck and you can't take it anywhere, might as well have a bit of fun with it.

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24. I'll leave you off with this Reddit user who made a corn hole game with their friends at work.

Reddit | maxck19

I'd definitely be down for a game.

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