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20 Pics That Revealed Things We Never Would've Expected

One of my favorite feelings in this world is pretty specific. Although there are many reasons we could be surprised and some are definitely better than others, there's nothing quite like feeling surprised that something could do more than we expected.

Even if it's something relatively small that doesn't necessarily matter in the grand scheme of things, it can still feel like our whole world has turned upside down when we find ourselves saying, "I didn't know it could do that."

We don't get an opportunity to feel that surprise wash over us every day but that's partially because we don't always know where to look. So that's why I've collected some choice examples that should at least offer a few surprises.

You're welcome.

While it's not unheard of for trees to continue growing even after something traumatic should have finished them, this takes that to a whole new level.

Reddit | Official_Ghoo

It's hard to tell what that second part of the tree is even growing from so it looks like two separate pieces were stapled together.

Of course, that isn't how it works so now we're just left to wonder how this even happened.

Four German computer science students have found a way to play Tetris on the side of a building.

Reddit | Reeplem

As German newspaper The Local reported, it took them 5,000 hours and the equivalent of $35,371, but they were able turn the side of this hotel into a giant TV with LED lights.

On top of that, the game is actually playable and they're planning to create additional game pads for others.

While there's nothing that should technically make this impossible, a lot had to go right for it to happen.

Twitter | @_vivaluna

As you might be able to tell from his facial features, the doctor who delivered the baby on the left is the same one who delivered her own child 25 years later.

We've all seen a basketball get stuck above the rim but this definitely seems like a new one.

Reddit | lel-vs-lol

It's not even that it's unheard of for a basketball to get stuck in the net. However, such cases usually have a lot more net to work with than we see here.

What's even holding the ball in place?

I'm sorry to tell you this, but there's something in real life that's kind of like the sandworms from Tremors.

Reddit | Prtctr10

Fortunately, the bobbit worm is both a lot smaller than those worms were and it lives in the sea. So as we can see, it shouldn't give you too much trouble unless you're a fish.

We're looking at a screenshot from *A Boy And His Atom*, which is officially the smallest movie ever made.

YouTube | IBM

It's a short stop-motion film released through IBM's YouTube channel and the shapes we're seeing here were made with the careful arrangement of single atoms.

If you have any idea as to how this happened, I'd love to hear it.

Reddit | chocolat_ice_cream

This car definitely seems like it was intentionally balanced on blocks between four benches but I couldn't tell you how or why.

I guess it's not impossible to get a large enough group of people to carry it into this position. That still doesn't answer the "why," though.

It's well-known that some bugs can cause serious problems for trees but the way these insects are swarming this linden tree still seems surprising.

Reddit | ProperBurial

According to the Morton Arboretum, the biggest pests for this tree are aphids, linden borers, and Japanese beetles.

However, these bugs don't seem to resemble any of those things.

This stack of 458 coins may not seem that outlandish until you realize that only one is holding them up.

Reddit | InsertStephenHere

Granted, that one at the base seems significantly larger than the others. It's still an incredible feat of balancing that this was possible, though.

If the label is to be believed, this body spray is apparently supposed to smell like marmite and Africa.

Reddit | e_j_west

For one thing, I'm not even sure that the yeast-based spread is even known to smell particularly good. For another, how do you make anything smell like an entire continent?

What does that even mean?

Despite how it looks, we're not witnessing a bunch of feathers levitating in the air.

Reddit | musicfromadventures

As cool as that would be, we're actually seeing them dangle from a spider web. It's just that it's not always so easy to make webs show up on camera.

While this may not be the first time we've seen a bathroom on fire, who among us can say we've seen just the toilet ignite?

Reddit | DesTheBaker

As bizarre as this may seem, there is one big clue in this photo that tells us how it happened.

See that panel lying next to the toilet? That's the vent that once hung over it and apparently caught on fire thanks to a bad filter.

Since it fell on the toilet, so too did the flames.

We're largely used to seeing gray roads but you're unlikely to find those in the islands of Åland.

Reddit | -Tuulitakki

As you can see here, the streets in the autonomous Finnish province are slightly red. That's because they're made from local rocks, which are mostly red granite.

Although she never saw the front lines, Juliana the great dane was awarded two Blue Cross medals during World War II.

Reddit | puranitto

As the BBC reported, one was awarded to the dog after she alerted her owner to a 1944 fire that broke out in his show shop.

However, the other one has a much more peculiar backstory. When the Luftwaffe dropped an incendiary bomb on her owner's home, Juliana extinguished the fiery results by peeing on them.

Meanwhile, a Polish unit of former Soviet POWs had a much stranger animal companion traveling with them.

Reddit | gluesniffer_57

As Time reported, Wojtek the bear was discovered by the unit in the mountains of Iran as a cub and they raised it themselves to boost morale.

Despite the fact that the troops made a habit of feeding Wojtek cigarettes and beer, he lived until 1963.

It's easy to take what we're used to for granted until somebody changes it dramatically.

Reddit | Galactic_Wolftrot

While it's obviously not impossible that someone would put a drain at the side of a bathtub rather than under the faucet, this is definitely the first time I've ever seen it.

And that's largely because it's hard to figure out why anyone would do this.

If you look closely, you'll soon notice that this building fills many more roles than it may seem at first.

Reddit | wmabney

Yes, it would appear that the town of Shady Dale has its bank, library, and city hall all in the same building.

And unless it's bigger on the inside, it doesn't even seem like a particularly large building.

This may seem like pieces of pineapple or mango but looks can be deceiving.

Reddit | MrLongLemon

Even if you've guessed that this is some kind of melon, there's a good chance you didn't exactly nail which one.

That's because it turns out that yellow watermelon exists.

After what looks like some pretty hard work, this person discovered something fascinating about the human body.

Reddit | thejorsh

As they put it, "Dirt and ash don’t stick to my scar."

The skin that features a scar may not look so different after enough time has passed but a change doesn't have to be obvious to be permanent.

Despite how it looks, there's nothing wrong with the tape measure we see here.

Reddit | Slipperyfister

As the uploader wrote, "My phone camera broke and now takes wavy photos."

I can only wonder how specifically one has to wreck a camera to make it do this rather than just stop functioning entirely or cover part of the screen in bright, glitchy gibberish.