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13+ People Who Answered When Opportunity Knocked

Ryan Ford

Shoutout to the folks who are always prepared to make life a little bit more joyous for the rest of us. You're the Boy Scouts of comedy. It always seems like you're ready and able to make the most of an opportunity for fun, and we're all so much happier for it.

1. When a car crashed through this college's sign, there was only one thing to use the resulting hole for.

Reddit | DudeThatsChill

Kind of amazed that anyone would have a Kool-Aid Man hoodie, to be honest, but so glad this dude did.

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2. Those are hard-earned bragging rights.

If you're the champ, you wear the belt with pride, right? I mean, I don't know if I would go to this guy's lengths, but I don't fault him one bit. Instant legend.

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3. I never would have noticed that this was even possible.

Reddit | G_358015

Turning the Cap'n into a Reese Puff thief is ingenious though, and hints at the Cap'ns sordid pirate past.

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4. There's a joke about melons around here somewhere.

Reddit | lanikween

I honestly hope this guy makes this his profile pic now, it's just that good.

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5. After his wife took the only car seat with her, Dad had to improvise when taking their kid to the babysitter's house.

Reddit | Big-D_OdoubleG

Well, that's the pic he sent her, anyway. "I then turned my phone off for the next 4 hours."

No word on any divorce proceedings.

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6. I don't know if this makes breakfast more appetizing.

Reddit | batusoydeger

Just so long as it doesn't come out udder-fresh warm, I guess.

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7. Bedtime is the adventure that just keeps giving.

Reddit | DamnItIan

"He finally fell asleep," wrote the uploader. "When my wife asked for a picture, I wanted to let her know what he's been like until then."

Mission accomplished.

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8. When work installs a new photocopier, it's basically your duty to have some fun with it.

Reddit | pootyparty

I can't wait for the day when technology has caught up and photocopiers actually do take voice commands.

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9. When are Christmas presents not just Christmas presents?

Reddit | NovusOldMan

When you can combine them all Voltron-style to make a Christmas moose for your wife to open. Not sure why it's not a reindeer, but still a fun way to give gifts.

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10. This brings such joy to my heart.

Reddit | Notagreatname

Now if only one of those mags had a robin on the cover, the scene would be complete.

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11. Too soon?

Reddit | PhysicsDoWork

Admit it, you kind of want to give this place a slow clap, if not a high five.

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12. Funny, but clever, too.

Reddit | thesordidone

I hope somebody takes him up on that, because it's kind of a great idea. If you've already got folks spinning signs by the side of the road, why not pay a homeless guy to advertise for you too?

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13. Okay, this guy is going places.

Reddit | Elevat0r_Guy

How did nobody else see the hoverboard/walker combo? Talk about inspirational!

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14. A beautiful proposal that needed to be captured on film.

Reddit | xar42

What you're looking at here are two marmots who have decided to take their relationship to the next level, and thankfully this person had their camera ready to take a pic of the lovely moment.

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15. Just doing what he was told to do.

Reddit | m5k

I'd like to think this guy had no idea he was being photographed. He simply just wanted to make himself chuckle and did just that when the opportunity presented itself.

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16. He's only actually supposed to take and send pictures of the package labels.

Reddit | deadleafshrimp

But this guy knows a photo op when he sees one, and you bet he's gonna milk them for all they're worth.

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17. At first you don't really notice anything's wrong, until you look closer.

Reddit | kradnozd

This loving pet owner saw both her fur babies lying beside each other and knew this would be the perfect chance to execute a hilarious face-swap. And we're glad they did.

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18. When families finally reunite.

Reddit | daviess

Either these guys have never met before and just happened to stumble upon each other at a festival, or they're two buds and one is tasked with keeping the other safe and sound during all the partying, hence the sign. Either way, this is just fantastic.

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19. How to "fix" a cracked windshield.

Reddit | SmellyShmitzel

This is exactly how you turn a busted window into a golden opportunity for a laugh.

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20. When a wrong-number text presents a fantastic opportunity.

Reddit | kamel_hump

These guys weren't just not going to respond when they were accidentally sent this adorable picture. So naturally, they decided to send one of their own right back.

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21. "Are all the Spider-Mans presented and accounted for?"

Reddit | bebe62

The fella on the right saw these Spider-Men getting together to take a pretty rad photo and decided his take on the character definitely needed to be included. If nothing else, he at least makes the other guys look better.

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22. Photoshop done right.

Reddit | misterspeck

This person's daughter asked them to do a little editing on their old school picture to try and make them look cooler. And I'd say they did a fantastic job.

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23. "Girlfriend left me and the dog home alone for the weekend."

Reddit | eric72goblue

Naturally, they had to keep their girlfriend updated on what they were getting up to while she was away. And by the look of shame on that doggo's face, it's nothing good.

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24. Tastes like freedom.

Reddit | hart1487

This is what happens when your Canadian friend has a birthday and you're tasked with making the cake.

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25. The people need to know.

Reddit | Cadiadidntbreak

Whoever is in charge of coming up with these fun facts must have been feeling pretty giddy the day they were tasked with writing something about wind chimes. It's like they've been waiting their whole life for this opportunity.

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26. When your husband Ian insists your cat Nala needs a stocking, too.

Reddit | alymac95

Ian knew exactly what he was doing, even if his wife didn't. He saw his opportunity, and you bet your bottom dollar he took it.

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27. Dad jokes in the office.

Reddit | Snubber_

I'm not even mad about this dad joke, to be honest. It just works so perfectly, I'll allow it.

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28. This is what happens when your friend leaves their cello at your place.

Reddit | Birdman1091

Obviously you have to keep them updated on how the roommate situation is going. And by the looks of things, it's going remarkably well.

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29. Fifty Shades of Sleepy.

Reddit | WotUsernameIsntTaken

This guy fell asleep at the library and his friends decided they needed to put some reading material in front of him so everyone knew it was the literature that got him snoozing. Of course they picked "Fifty Shades of Grey".

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30. Blue was getting a little rowdy.

Reddit | SuitcaseFullOfSparks

After their bearded dragon eggs hatched, this person knew they'd need a trainer to make sure the babies behaved themselves. So they brought in an expert.

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31. When there's a glitch in the matrix.

Reddit | anintellectual

This guy came into the office to find he was the only one working that day. So he decided to have a bit of fun. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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32. Motion activated...probably.

Reddit | concrtluvr

If you get your hands on a "motion activated" sticker, you put them everywhere, especially on the toilet paper dispenser. Makes for a lot of fun and for some frustrated kings on their thrones.

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33. The zoo had to keep its visitors entertained during construction, obviously.

Reddit | MrBrianWeldon

So they came up with a temporary exhibit, and I just hope those North American construction workers put on a good shower for the visitors. It's no fun when the exhibits just hide and you can't see them.

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34. Marathon outfit: check.

Reddit | davidgzzsa

What else are you supposed to wear when you're running a marathon? This guy saw his opportunity and he took it!

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35. This is how you do Halloween.

Reddit | drawsyourlife

For anyone who doesn't get it right away, what you're looking at isn't some sort of Mario-Teletubby. This is Edgar Alan Po. And it's brilliant.

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36. Even Ice-T knows a golden opportunity when he sees one.

Reddit | fuzzyhendrix

I present to you, Arizona Ice-T. It couldn't have been any better unless he was holding a can.

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37. When your neighbors ask you to hide your trash cans or be fined.

Reddit | kalinkabeek

Out of sight, out of mind, but definitely letting those neighbors know exactly how they feel about their ridiculous request. Perfect.

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38. Absolute savagery.

Reddit | Ting80

"I got bored waiting to get help at Lowe's," wrote the uploader, which will be readily apparent when somebody notices that he's used the fridge's internet browser to look the same fridge up on Amazon, where it's remarkably lower priced.

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39. Yeah, J Law knows the score.

Reddit | croatiansensation504

That's the smile that says, "Okay, you got me. Well done. Now take your pic, slick."

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40. As soon as the holiday season officially began, somebody jumped at the chance to put up their incredibly charming decorations.

Reddit | MikepGrey

Santa and reindeer are great and all, but nothing lights up the neighborhood like a laughing Calvin, and Hobbes. Not to mention the imaginative kid's adorable snowman protest.

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41. Obviously, someone took full advantage of the fact that their dog is a heavy sleeper.

Reddit | Himetora

Of course, opportunity won't completely knock until the dog takes what I'm sure would be hilariously awkward steps in these things.

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42. I'm not sure that this sounds like such a good deal, but I can understand what this realtor is trying to do.

Reddit | TheSuperDave85

Not only are they capitalizing on how much people love tacos, but a challenge to eat $250 worth of tacos feels like something people would gladly take on before they realize they're now responsible for an entire house.

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43. I guess it's no surprise that Jerry would get this cat's attention, but this is still an incredible coincidence.

Reddit | CamTheChest

After all, this would capture the cat's interest no matter what Jerry was doing, but the fact that he's staring right back it makes this so perfect.

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44. I've got to hand it to this person, I can't really think of any base they haven't covered.

Reddit | BizzytotheBone

Even if I tried this, I probably wouldn't have considered the incredibly remote possibility that people might come by and give away amazing things for no reason.

They're answering opportunities before they even knock!

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45. There may not be a lot of opportunities here, but at least this guy still picked up on a little one.

Reddit | Himetora

After all, he happened to be wearing the perfect shirt to get arrested in. It's good to appreciate the little things.

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46. This hotel's owners knew that allowing pets would be popular among customers and made a pretty compelling case for it.

Reddit | TheWingalingDragon

After all, no matter how destructive some pets can be, they'll never do as much damage as a human who wants to spread chaos.

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47. I'm not sure if there's anything opportune about what this man is doing, but the photographer came across some pure gold.

Reddit | ghatroad

I doubt that whatever is causing steam to emanate from this guy is a comfortable experience, but it's certainly a cool-looking one.

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48. If some sadist is forcing people to poop in full view of each other, at least two of those people are finding a way to make the best of it.

Reddit | akoser

If it weren't for these (new?) friends, what could have been a nightmarishly awkward situation is now a pleasant chess game.

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49. I can only imagine that this organization took a realistic look at their surroundings and adjusted their policies accordingly.

Reddit | charbo6

And even if it was just because of pure circumstance, now long-haired freaky people can prove they can do the job as well as anyone else.

That's a weirdly specific victory, but we'll take it.

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