16 Dollar Store Crafts For Kids This Christmas

Diply 28 Nov 2017

Christmas is a season absolutely made for crafters and their kids — all that tinsel, colorful wrappers, cotton balls, and glitter... It's a great time to spend with kids creating Christmas magic! Here are the best inexpensive ways to keep the kids entertained this festive season.

1. Wooden ice-cream sticks — who knew they had so many uses?

Facebook | Crafty Morning

Christmas trees, reindeers, snowflakes, even photo frames — all you need are sticks, some felt, some paint, and a little bit of glitter!

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2. To you, it might be an egg carton, but to your kids it's twelve little reindeer heads!

Facebook | Christmas Crafts For Kids

You'll need a little bit of brown paint, a couple of googly eyes, a pom-pom, and some construction paper for the antlers.

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3. These cute little Christmas jars are oh so easy to make.

Facebook | Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Just brush some glue on the inside, pour glitter into the jar, then shake. Allow to dry, then decorate the exterior however you want!

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4. A couple of snips of the scissors and a stroke of paint and toilet paper holders become a company of cute little elves.

Facebook | Arty Crafty Kids

They're checking to see who's being naughty and nice...

Psst...you now have our permission to forget Elf on the Shelf and replace with these low-cost cuties.

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5. Transform pine cones into a village of Christmas trees.

Instagram | @christmas_crafts_diys_hacks 

Paint them green and then decorate with tinsel and candy. A blob of play clay will keep them standing upright. Kids will love this one, but watch out that all the candy doesn't end up in their tummies instead!

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6. Make some reindeer food, but not for just any ordinary reindeer — for magical flying reindeer your kids can dream about.

Instagram | @joy_healthcoach 

Mix together some rolled oats and glitter and sprinkle around the yard on Christmas Eve! This is a craft that creates memories!

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7. You could make a gingerbread house and then spend the rest of the festive season trying to stop the kids from eating it, or...

Instagram | @marjorietellez 

The kids can make their very own gingerbread house out of a large cardboard box and some craft paint.

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8. These Snowman Soup Kits make sensational gifts for school friends.

Instagram | @hanson.stephanie

Gather your children around to decorate plain white paper cups, fill them with 'ingredients' aka marshmallows and candy canes, and wrap in cellophane and ribbons.

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9. Concertina one large piece of paper and another smaller one, then fan out to create an angel's gown.

Instagram | @ina_bii

Glue to a card or fan out 360 degrees to form a 3D angel! Have the kids draw the face and add glitter to the hair.

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10. This card idea is part Christmas craft project and part priceless keepsake.

Instagram | @play_and_learn_with_karen 

Your child can dip their hand or foot into brown pain and then make an impression on cards. Once it's dried, turn it into Rudolph!

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11. A great way to recycle last year's christmas cards.

Facebook | dirtgirlworld

Get the kids to cut old cards into triangles, then join them together with red ribbon to form a beautiful, handmade Christmas bunting. Your kids will love the DIY and your guests will be wowed by your upcycling!

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12. Got some old tires gathering dust in the garage? Yeah, me too.

Facebook | Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons<br>

With a bit of white spray paint from the Dollar Store and some ribbon, you can upcycle the old tires into a family of large-scale festive garden ornaments.

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13. One thing every parent of crafty kids needs at Christmas is plenty of cotton balls. Don't forget to stock up! Why?

Babble | Babble

For one thing, the kids can make this Olaf-inspired Christmas wreath! Just glue the balls to the wreath and let your creativity soar.

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14. We weren't lying about those cotton balls...here's another use.

Facebook | Christmas Crafts For Kids

It's like a reverse advent calendar. Add a cotton ball every day during December and by the 24th, Santa will have a beard bushy enough to keep him warm during his big flight!

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15. This sweet little Christmas tree decoration is created from an old potato sack...and a little Dollar Store magic.

The Resourceful Mama | The Resourceful Mama

And really, it's all about the texture — any rough fabric will do the job. Just add some googly eyes and a red pom-pom nose (and don't forget the clothespins for antlers!)

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16. If your kids can tie ribbons around a stick, then they can make these gorgeous tree decorations.

Fireflies And Mud Pies | Fireflies And Mud Pies

Bundle a few together and you also have a personalised gift that is absolutely perfect for grandparents, teachers, and friends...and doesn't cost much at all!

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