15 Pics That Define Broke Life Struggles

Diply 23 May 2017

I know this life all too well. When you're riding the financial struggle bus (like me, always, 24/7), then you very quickly become all about that cheap life! I'm talking looking how to cut corners in every single way possible. If you're riding the cheap struggle bus that I'm probably driving, then you'll totally appreciate all of these hilarious pictures.

1. This is me, though.

Instagram | @brokeafguru

Can you imagine trying to take a selfie with your laptop? When push comes to shove...I mean, I'm not above it.

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2. The classic Doritos sandwich. 

Instagram | @humblebee173

Can't afford a gourmet sub? Don't worry...a bag of Doritos costs like, a dollar, and then you get cheese on your sandwich too! It's a win-win.

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3. DIY soup!

Instagram | @wormgerm

All you need is a bottle of ketchup and a bag of Funyuns. Yum! Right? Right?

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4. When these babies are your best friends.

Instagram | @denmartinez

I can't go anywhere with my Bed Bath & Beyond coupons! They are LIFE!

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5. When this is your "nutritious" lunch.

Twitter | @shady1324

Ahem. I mean...there has to be protein in there somewhere, right?

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6. Who needs vases when you have marinara jars?

The Crafty Woman | The Crafty Woman

Honestly, this looks Pinterest AF. I believe that this could be a whole new decor trend!

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7. When you're desperate to make s'mores work.

Instagram | @ziah_mariah

HOLD UP! These look better than s'mores made with graham crackers. Into it. Sometimes the cheap life pays off.

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8. Am I looking in the mirror right now?

Instagram | @maisonpahtayken

This is every single holiday, birthday, event, etc. Can't my mom just buy her own gift?

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9. This is a new low.

Instagram | @the_first_exile

My dog won't even eat what I eat?! WOW. COOL. GREAT. I'M DOING FINE, EVERYONE.

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Instagram | @danarthebarbarian

All it needs is more duct tape! It has a good two more years in it, I know it.

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11. This is too real, people.

Twitter | @soulfullofhope

I'm cringing! This is me! I'm a horrible person!

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12. If it works, it works.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I'm not opposed to this. In fact, I agree with this 100%. It gets the job done!

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13. This tweet speaks to my soul.

Twitter | @vanessavillnva

It's quite the ruthless cycle. A gal can only dream that one day it will end!

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14. This should work, right?

Twitter | @Louishill3580

I mean, nothing else has when it comes to me getting more money. I'm feeling lucky, baby!

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15. This little girl is my spirit animal.

Instagram | @ofmiceandmemes72

Is there anything more tragic than this happening? I think not.

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