16 Little-Known Facts About Chris Pratt

Diply 25 Aug 2016

The last two years have been all about Chris Pratt. He went from being a cast member on Parks and Recreation to an A-List star overnight! And it was all because of Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. I am proud to say that I was one of the people who knew he was going to be a huge star all the way back when he was on Everwood. And then I loved him as the adorable Andy Dwyer on Parks. And now I love him as a huge blockbuster action movie star! But it was a long road for Chris before he became one of the most recognizable people in Hollywood. Here's everything you need to know about Chris Pratt!

1. Before his career took off, Chris worked as a stripper! He admitted that he wasn't very good at it and made about $40 every time he took his clothes off!

Celebuzz | Celebuzz

He has mentioned that he auditioned to get a regular paying gig at a real strip club but bombed the audition. Apparently, he just didn't have the dance moves that Channing Tatum is famous for!

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2. He was also homeless and lived in his van in Hawaii before he landed his first acting gig. 

I Waste So Much Time | I Waste So Much Time

Look at how excited he is! He's such a cute dork.

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3. Chris learned how to speak German in school – and he's fluent too! 

The Independent | The Independent

So he can woo us in two languages? With that body? Nice.

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4. Chris started dating Anna Faris when they were filming Take Me Home Tonight. Anna said they bonded over their dead bug collections! And now the two are married and have a son named Jack.

The Daily Mail | The Daily Mail

And they are the perfect family. It's actually sickening how adorable and perfect they are.

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5. During one scene in Parks, Leslie was supposed to open the door and find a naked Andy. Chris got SO into filming the nude scene that he decided not to wear the nude underwear for one take and shocked Amy! 

Locker Dome | Locker Dome

The take they use in the show was the one where Chris is completely naked so Amy's reaction is 100% genuine. Chris also said he got an angry letter from NBC after they found out he pulled that prank on set!

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6. Chris was only supposed to be a guest star on Parks & Rec in the first season but everybody liked him so much that he was promoted to series regular in Season 2!

Netflix Life | Netflix Life

Can you even imagine the show without Andy?! He had the best one liners like this one: "Windows are the eyes of the house.”

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7. He now has three different Lego mini figures based on him. He has one for his character in The LEGO Movie, one for Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and one for his character in Jurassic World.

The Los Angeles Times | The Los Angeles Times
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8. Chris actually predicted that he would star in Jurassic World! Several years ago, he jokingly made a video reading a fake text from Steven Spielberg to accept a role for Jurassic Park 4.

Collider | Collider

He's hot, funny AND psychic? What a catch! Anna's got herself a great guy!

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9. He used to date Emily VanCamp, his on-screen sister on Everwood. People were creeped out when they found out but Chris said it never weirded out him or Emily because they knew that the show was all fiction!


And now they're both part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How cool is that?!

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10. He's more than just good at acting! He spent a lot of time drawing while growing up and even painted a mural for his friend's Greek restaurant. 

Jezebel | Jezebel
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11. Rumor has it that Chris stole his Star-Lord costume from set just so he could wear it when he visits sick children in the hospital who might want to meet Star-Lord. 

E! News | E! News

I think my heart just melted from that cuteness. Let me check... Yup, my heart definitely melted.

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12. The director of Guardians of the Galaxy said that Chris' audition was so good that he was prepared to offer the part to Chris even if he never lost the weight. 

Yahoo! | Yahoo!

The director joked that he could CGI a six pack onto Chris' body but Chris asked the director just for six months to lose 50 pounds and he did it. He actually ended up losing over 60 pounds!

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13. Chris loves to improvise on set. During Jurassic World, he improvised the big kiss scene with Bryce Dallas Howard. Her surprised reaction is genuine!

Jurassic Park Wiki | Jurassic Park Wiki
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14. In Guardians of the Galaxy, there's a scene where Peter accidentally drops the orb. It wasn't scripted and Chris just happened to drop the orb but stayed in character. The director loved it so much he kept it in the movie!

Moviepilot | Moviepilot

Chris just seems like the most fun and outgoing person. Whoever gets to work with him on movies is so lucky!

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15. Chris said that his wrestling coach in high school asked him what he wanted to do with his life. Apparently, Chris replied, "I don't know but I know I'll be famous and I know I'll make a ton of money."

Rand Co | Rand Co

And look where he is now.

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16. When Chris was in his late teens, he was a coupon salesman, and actually had a warrant out for his arrest because of it...

The Berry | The Berry

He was selling coupons out of his mini van and ended up getting an insurance ticket he couldn't pay for. He says it made him feel pretty hard core having an arrest warrant out for him. It really only adds to his charm.

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Or, you know, if you're just excited to see him in another movie because there's a chance there will be a shirtless scene!

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