12 Clever Ways To Reuse Bread Tags

Diply 29 Jul 2016

When you finish a loaf of bread, do you hold on to the tag that kept the bag shut? Have you ever tried reusing it? Probably not, right? I know I haven't! However, today, after learning about all the different ways bread tags can be repurposed, I just might have to start. Who knew that small piece of plastic could be so useful? If you aren't familiar with the various ways these tags can be upcycled, you're going to want to check out the list of clever tips and tricks below. Whether you need something to keep your chargers organized or a quick and easy fix for a pair of busted flip flops, the bread tag has you covered!

1. Use Them As Wine Charms

Christine Gallary | Kitchn

Never lose track of your wine again with this simple hack.

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2. Label Cords

The Photographer's Life | The Photographer's Life

Keep your computer neat and organized by using bread tags to label cords.

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3. Make Art

Fotor | hownowdesign

Fill a glass container with them and put it on display!

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4. Fix Your Flip Flops

reddit | ELjoshi

Prevent your sandals from falling apart with this convenient trick.

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5. Close Goodie Bags

Etsy | CopperMarmalade

Keep snacks fresh and little party trinkets together by closing plastic baggies with a bread tag.

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6. Create An Abacus

Almost Unschoolers | Almost Unschoolers

Get young students interested in mathematics by building them their very own abacus.

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7. Label Keys

Jewel Pie | Jewel Pie

Keep track of important keys by attaching a labelled bread tag to them.

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8. Store Tape

Love My Tapes | Love My Tapes

Make finding the end of a roll of tape easy with this bread tag idea.

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9. Hold Rubber Bands

The Star Online | The Star Online

Take control of the explosion of rubber bands in your desk with this handy hack.

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10. Keep Headphones Untangled

Jewel Pie | Jewel Pie

Quit wasting time trying to untangle your headphones every time you take them out of your bag! Before putting them away, slip on a bread tag to keep everything together.

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11. Play A Guitar

Saving Advice | Saving Advice

If you need a guitar pick in a pinch, a bread tag can do the trick.

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12. Make Music

Michele Made Me | Michele Made Me

Lastly, keep your kids entertained for hours with one of these homemade shakers!

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