16 Projects That Are DIY But Certainly Don't Look It

Diply 1 May 2017

I love a good DIY, but even more than that I love a good DIY that looks like something you would buy from a store — a really expensive store. Do you know how good it feels to have someone come in your home and compliment you on something you've made? It feels great! So why spend hundreds of dollars on fancy home decor when you can just make it?

Come on! I know you can do it — here are a few ideas to get that creativity flowing!

1. I can't count the amount of times I've seen a fancy pom pom something-or-other on high-end decor sites. 

Brit+Co | Brit+Co

It's yarn, people! Yarn and string. This is definitely something you can make yourself, whether it's a pom pom blanket, throw pillow, or even something like this wall hanging. A pom pom is still a pom pom no matter how much you pay for it!

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2. Cool geometric shelves seem to be all the rage lately. 

Make and Do Crew | Make and Do Crew

And you know what that means — if it's popular, you better be prepared to pay top dollar. Or, you could gather a whole bunch of popsicle sticks and just make your own cool shelves. Seriously, you can get popsicle sticks at the dollar store. Do these look dollar store? I don't think so.

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3. Antique blanket ladders are another thing that people seem to be lusting after these days. 

Domestically Speaking | Domestically Speaking

Even if you aren't handy with power tools, you have to know someone that could easily whip one of these up. You can even rough them up so they look like antiques.

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4. You can totally stay on top of things by being organized without breaking the bank over fancy high-end organizational systems. 

A House Full Of Sunshine | A House Full Of Sunshine

With a little bit of spray paint, you can make cheap dollar store wire baskets look like something right out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

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5. I'm always amazed at what some people will pay for a rope basket. 

Lydi Out Loud | Lydi Out Loud

Take a tour around any fancy home decor site and I'll have to catch your jaw as it falls to the floor when you see some of the prices for these. Skip the fancy stores — go to Home Depot, pick up some rope, glue, and a cheap plastic laundry basket and make this instead.

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6. Bring the high-end look to your backyard by making these DIY lights.

Splash Of Something | Splash Of Something

Backyard lighting can totally transform your backyard, so it's so easy to get sucked into thinking you have to have the best of the best. With this DIY, you get the best of both worlds — trendy lighting without having to empty your wallet.

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7. Chic storage baskets are great to have around. 

Elizabeth Joan Designs | Elizabeth Joan Designs

They're pretty and they hold your stuff, but like everything that's pretty, they're also pretty expensive. Not when you make your own, though!

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8. So in love with this one. 

Build-Basic | Build-Basic

Mind you, it might be the flowers that are drawing me in — but either way, this basket made out of paint sticks looks totally high-end.

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9. I find that the cooler the seat, the higher the price. 

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

This seat is pretty cool, but would you guess that it's actually a DIY? That's right, you can make this, too!

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10. Open shelving is another top designer choice these days. 

Ohoh Blog | Ohoh Blog

Remember what I said earlier? "If it's popular, you better be prepared to pay top dollar." Well, it's time to outsmart high-end retailers and start making this stuff on our own!

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11. This looks like something right out of Ikea, right? 

A Pair & Spare | A Pair & Spare

Not that Ikea is overly expensive or anything, but I would much rather DIY any day.

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12. It would be hard not to have sweet dreams here. 

Live Your Goals | Live Your Goals

This headboard which is a mix of industrial and rustic style would fool anyone into thinking that you paid top dollar for it!

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13. I've seen a lot of really cool hanging shelves, but these ones look top-notch! 

Why Don't You Make Me | Why Don't You Make Me

They look super easy to make, too!

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14. Is this a picture from Anthropologie? 

The Idea Room | The Idea Room

Oh, no... that's just another amazing DIY.

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15. If you're into the whole open shelving look then add this DIY to your list. 

I Spy DIY | I Spy DIY

Cool style at a DIY price.

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16. One last rope idea, because I just can't get over what some people charge for a trash can. 

Two It Yourself | Two It Yourself

Make over a dollar store one with some rope — instant upgrade!

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17. Display your photos like you're Joanna Gaines. 

Love Grows Wild | Love Grows Wild

The kicker here is you'll make them yourself rather then spending the big bucks at some fancy decor store!

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18. Upgrade your cabinet hardware, Anthropolgie style. 

I Love That Junk | I Love That Junk

Buy some twine from the dollar store to make over your cabinet hardware and keep your money where it belongs — I'm talking about your pocket.

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19. Here's another one that looks like it's straight out of Pottery Barn!

Amy Allender | Amy Allender

All you have to do is find an old lamp that needs a face lift and you will be well on your way to making this DIY.

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20. I like to save the best for last. 

Lia Griffith | Lia Griffith

Look at this DIY — yes, I said DIY. Someone made this and you can, too!

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