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16 Uncomplicated DIYs For Kids Worth Dropping Everything To Do

Diply 8 Dec 2017

Half the reason we have kids is to buy and make them the cutest things, right? It's basically a war between parents to see who can come up with the cutest things, and there's definitely bonus points if you make them yourself.

Check out this list of DIYs that will have you dropping everything on your list in order to make every single one.

1. Cardboard Box Play Town

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

You know how kids love the boxes things come in almost as much as the toy itself? Use that to your advantage and recycle the boxes into an adorable town!

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2. T-Shirt Baby Leggings

Freckles And Sunshine | Freckles And Sunshine

All you need is basic sewing skills to get you through this super easy pair of baby leggings. Using an old pair as a guide, you can easily make these using old t-shirts you no longer wear!

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3. Fruity Fans

A Girl And A Glue Gun | A Girl And A Glue Gun

This is such a great DIY for summer, and the kids can even help you out. This would be such a great DIY project for a summer party!

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4. DIY Tent

Momtastic | Momtastic

This folding tent is actually easier to make then you might think. You don't even need a sewing machine, and you can get all your pieces cut at your local lumber store.

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5. Pom Pom Mobile

Habitual Homebody | Habitual Homebody

Looking for something easy and simple to do while the kids are down for a nap? Not only is this mobile super sweet, it might help you with distracting the kids next time you want to do a craft.

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6. Stuffed Animal Swing Shelf

Garden Therapy | Garden Therapy

With just a drill, a large branch, and some rope, you've got yourself a super cute shelf for Mr. Bear and all his friends in your kids' room.

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7. Personalized String Art

Etsy | CuseyCustomCrafts

With a piece of old wood, some nails, and some embroidery string, you've got a great addition to your kids room. I love adding an image of something they love, awww.

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8. Ikea Hack Stools

Instagram | @kreativakarin

Instagram user @Kreativakarin took some Ikea stools and gave them the most adorable upgrade using some bright and colorful paints. I love the little faces she gave them!

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9. Tire Seats

Grillo Designs | Grillo Designs

If you have any tires you aren't using anymore, or ones that might have small holes, this is a great upcycle project! You really don't need much to take the tires from trash to the perfect reading nook for your kids.

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10. Personalized Initial Decor

Real Food Enthusiast | Real Food Enthusiast

You can grab wood pieces in all the letters of the alphabet at your local craft store. You can write their full name like seen below, or, coupled with some chalkboard paint, you could leave sweet notes to your kids!

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11. Reading Canopy

Making Lemonade Blog | Making Lemonade Blog

OK, so maybe this one isn't exactly for beginners, but it's not very difficult to make overall. Plus, it's the perfect space for you to read your favorite books when the kids aren't around.

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12. Family Time Paintable Pillows

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

You can either buy white pillows, or make them yourself. Then add some black outlines and let the kids go to town painting them. This is such a fun family project!

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13. Teething Necklace

GuGu Guru | GuGu Guru

They look super glam on you, and help the little one when their teeth are cutting through. The beads are easily available online and with this tutorial, you're golden!

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14. Dinosaur Bed Lamp

A Grande Life | A Grande Life

If your kids are totally wrapped up in dinosaurs and finding bones, this is the perfect DIY for you! For under $30 you can give them the coolest lamp they could ever ask for.

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15. Dinosaur Dresser Handles

Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

If I had these on my dresser as a child, I would love my parents forever. Seriously, how could you not be the coolest kid in school with this amazing dresser?

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16. Sleepy Time Towel Hoodie

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

This would be such a sweet gift for your child's bestie, or for two siblings who are attached at the hip. Perfect for after bath time while reading together before bed.

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