15 Examples Of Drunken Engineering We Should All Aspire To

Diply 16 Mar 2016

Drunk people are idiots. That's just objectively true. I have worked in a bar. I have frequented many more bars. I have intimate knowledge of the drunken struggle on either side of the table, and while it is fun from both perspectives, there are also many many downsides to a night out drinking with the boys. Or the girls, in fairness. Dudes' bathrooms in a bar at 2 a.m. are just coated in piss. Just coated! The women's, however, are infinitely worse for reasons I will not get into now.

However, despite all the bad stuff, sometimes drunk people manage to blow my mind in ways I never thought possible. The drunken human mind comes up with some of the most horrible ideas, but at the same time it is also capable of a MacGyver level of ingenuity that is truly astounding.

Feast your eyes on these, and share this with the inebriated Einsteins in your life!

1. I understand the demand for good water pressure, I do, but I always thought the point was to wash OFF the smell of beer!

reddit | BambooedPanda
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2. Canadians are well known for creating innovative ways to achieve maximum blackout AND fun. It's a byproduct of the six-month winter, constant roadwork and imminent threat of beaver attacks!

imgur | nwawr
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3. I honestly don't get the point here, because if you're drinking Carlton Dry you might as well just give up. I respect the ingenuity, however!

reddit | KittyCupCakes92
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4. You can't convince me alcohol didn't have a role in this. The downside is now, unless you want to set your dong where many have put theirs before, your aim has to be excellent!

reddit | nawoanor
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5. Made by alcohol, for alcohol! It's a beautiful thing!

reddit | topvek
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6. Now drunk texting your ex has never been easier! Good going, you mysterious wang tassel!

Dump A Day | Dump A Day
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7. Now you can continue to cruise the party long after your legs have stopped working! Stacked woman not included.

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8. Very convenient, just try not to fall asleep. You'll be sure to leave everyone in line rather PISSED off, amirite?

reddit | Synergiex
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9. You're going to need a whole lot of...suction to pull this one off!

We Know Memes | We Know Memes
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10. We all need a little more support in our lives, guys!

reddit | notanothermatt
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11. I don't know how many people it'll take to finish this whole thing, but I guarantee at least one of them's pissing in here!

imgur | bovven
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12. "Well how in the hell else are we going to get away from our wives and drink in peace, Gary?"

reddit | KillerInstinctUltra
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13. The less exciting option, compared to smashing the bottle, but at least this way you still get to drink that good, good Jesus juice!

Odometer | Odometer
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14. If you can't get out of the house there really isn't much else to do, is there?

reddit | SAT0725
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15. 'Cause there ain't no party like a DIY redneck-truck-bed-barbecue-pool party!

reddit | redditqueen88
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