12 Brilliant Eye Makeup Tricks That Really Make A Difference

Diply 17 Aug 2016

There are many things out there that are a lot harder than it looks. Nail designs are one of those things. I tried to paint a heart on my nail and it ended up being a disaster. I'm talking nail polish everywhere, and that heart ended up looking like a blob. I definitely have a newfound appreciation for people who are good at nail designs.

Another thing that is a lot harder than it looks is eye makeup. I see so many makeup bloggers slay their eye makeup, and they make it look so easy. I tried to recreate a beauty blogger's smoky eye look, and I ended up looking like I got punched in the eye. Not cute at all.

After that experience, I have been practicing a lot with eye makeup. Although I can't do a proper smoky eye, I finally know some eye makeup basics. All it took was a ton of practice. No big deal. Along the way, I have learned a bunch of easy tricks that have helped elevate my eye makeup look. Here is a list of 12 of those tricks that made a huge difference. I do #10 all the time!

1. Nude Eyeliner 

Maskcara | Maskcara

If you want your eyes to look bigger, apply a nude eyeliner to your waterline. I have does this trick a few times and it works pretty well. If you really like using black eyeliner for your waterline, check out #12.

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2. Eyeshadow 

Instagram | @tenipanosian

Apply a very small amount of eyeshadow to your bottom lash line. In this picture, you can barely tell this beauty blogger has any on, but honestly, that tiny amount really pulls the whole look together. Looks smoky and sexy. Love it!

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3. Lash line 

YouTube | Chantel Jeffries

Sometimes I put too much eyelash glue on my falsies, so when I apply my false eyelashes, you can see the glue. An easy way to hide that is by applying brown or black eyeshadow onto your lash line. Lash glue where?

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4. False Eyelashes 

Instagram | @ishimmer

Speaking of false eyelashes, sometimes it's hard to apply them. If you are having trouble, wrap your falsies around a makeup brush handle. This will give the eyelash band some curve, which makes it so much easier to apply. I do this all the time.

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5. Flare

Instagram | @hudabeauty

Now that you know an easier way to apply false eyelashes, you should buy a pair that flares out at the end. Some false eyelashes are so long that you can't even see your eyelids. That is not okay with me, especially if I worked hard to get my eyeshadow to look on point. Also, flared lashes look natural, and they make your eyes look bigger. Winning!

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6. Tightline 

we heart it | @jimena_gomez_diaz

Tightlining your lash line with eyeshadow makes a huge difference. I need to start doing this.

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7. Cut Crease 

Instagram | @beautifoles

Cut creases just got a whole lot easier. Use a spoon as a guide to know where to apply your eyeshadow. So simple!

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8. Mascara 

Michelle Phan | Michelle Phan

I still get mascara all over my eyelids and under eyes. So irritating. Thankfully, another spoon trick is here to save the day. Place a spoon right behind your eyelashes and apply your mascara. The excess product will go onto the spoon. Brb, going to buy some plastic spoons.

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9. Eyeliner 

Sarah Lipoff | PopSugar

Eyeliner used to be the death of me — that is, until I found out about this tape trick. You're basically making a stencil, so you get the perfect cat eye all the time.

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10. Eyelash Curler 

Instagram | @themakeaholics

This is my favorite trick! After applying mascara, wait a few minutes until the mascara is completely dry. Go in with your eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes for 20 seconds on each eye. I literally do this every day, and it makes such a huge difference.

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11. Concealer 

YouTube | Sylvia Gani

If you want your cat eye to look a lot sharper, then look no further. Put some concealer on a brush and run that underneath the wing. After learning about this trick, my eyeliner is going to be sharper than a knife.

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12. Waterline

Instagram | @irenesarah

There is a way to make your eyes look bigger with black eyeliner! Apply the eyeliner on your waterline and lash line, but do not connect the eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye. For the finishing touches, apply a highlight to the inner corner of your eye. This will make your eyes pop even more. Yas!

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