16 Gold Leaf DIYs That Give Your Home The Midas Touch

Diply 22 Nov 2016

Are you a lover of all things gold? Well, now you can craft with gold, too. Okay, not real gold, but gold leaf sheets. These thin shiny sheets are used for all kinds of different crafting and home decor projects and will leave your DIYs looking stunning. If you haven't seen gold leaf before, or even if you have, you will love looking at these projects. Hopefully, some of them will give you a little bit of inspiration to get out there and start gilding.

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1. Fancy up your clipboards

Lovely Indeed | Lovely Indeed

This will only take a few minutes and you will be left with a pretty clipboard to hold all your important papers.

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2. Terra cotta pots are great for plants, but they are not much to look at. 

The Sweetest Occasion | The Sweetest Occasion

Jazz them up with a bit of gold leaf and now you could even give these out as gifts.

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3. Start making your own jewelry. 

The Tiny Honeycomb | The Tiny Honeycomb

These gorgeous earrings were made using clay and gold leaf.

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4. Seashells can be used for beachy decor to fit with your nautical theme...

Atta Girl Says | Atta Girl Says

But use a little bit of gold leaf on them and you can now use them to glam up your home, too.

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5. Apply gold lead to a plain canvas. 

The Happier Homemaker | The Happier Homemaker

Instant and easy wall art!

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6. Work gold leaf into your Christmas decor. 

The Sweetest Occasion | The Sweetest Occasion

Aren't these gold leaf bulbs totally gorgeous?

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7. Make over an IKEA piece. 

Style Me Pretty Living | Style Me Pretty Living

This IKEA desk was totally transformed by lining the inside in gold leaf.

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8. Concrete and gold leaf go so well together. 

Etsy | veryfinesouth

Just look at this cool planter.

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9. Give dollar store glass cylinders a makeover. 

Love Create Celebrate | Love Create Celebrate

A great way to totally transform a dollar store item.

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10. An old globe can be brought back to life with a bit of paint and gold leaf. 

Love & Renovations | Love & Renovations

A modern twist for an old piece.

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11. If you have a leather handbag, give it a chic upgrade. 

Beautiful Hello | Beautiful Hello

From department store to high-end.

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12. Don't be so quick to toss out old food jars. 

The Crafted Life | The Crafted Life

Apply a bit of gold leaf to the bottom and you now have a chic vase.

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13. You can use gold leaf on furniture, too. 

Cassie Bustamante | Cassie Bustamante

Love the color of this dresser!

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14. Throw pillows are my favorite.

Sarah Hearts | Sarah Hearts

This gold leaf–embellished one is no exception!

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15. Bring some glam to even the smallest things in your home. 

Sarah Hearts | Sarah Hearts

Overhaul your light switch covers with gold leaf.

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16. If you do your light switch covers, you might as well do your curtains, too. 

The Gathered Home | The Gathered Home

Look at these beauties!

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