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25 Hilariously Relatable Contour Fails

Diply 3 Jul 2018

In theory, contouring is amazing. It gives you that dewy glow that turns heads and makes you feel like you're walking the red carpet. But in reality *shudders* contouring is a whole other story — one that often includes tears, frustration, and looking like some sad clown. The contour struggle is REAL, y'all. Here are some totally relatable contour fails. My heart is with these girls because, well, let's be honest, I have been and surely will be all of these girls at some point in my life.

1. Am I looking in the mirror? Because this is ME.

Instagram | Instagram

Cakey makeup for days! But it looked so good in the dark...

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2. It always ends up looking like I have a bad sunburn. 

Instagram | @zarah_baconator

They make it look so easy in the videos! And yet, it's anything but.

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3. Ah, yes, this is the face we all make when contouring.

Instagram | @livluxe

Some thoughts that run through our minds: "What is happening?" "Isn't it supposed to blend?" "Lord, have mercy."

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4. The desperation in her eyes tell the whole story.

Instagram | @narwhalzrreal

They say, "Help me." Girl, I wish I could. I really, really wish I could.

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5. When your contour makes you hungry.

Instagram | @mayneiac

Because who doesn't want to look like ice cream?! I sure do.

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6. Sometimes it's hard to tell if you've just contoured or if you're wearing a Halloween costume.

Instagram | @torisaurus3

I'm scared, but once again, this is me every single time I try to contour. The look of fear on her face! I feel you, my friend.

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7. It's important to isolate the area of failure.

Instagram | @shopgirl918

But, like, HOW do people make it look so effortless? It literally looks like I take crayons directly to my face. Every single time.

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8. This is intense.

Instagram | @tambeautyofficial

And maybe the most relatable of them all. Don't let the haters get you down, girl!

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9. This is the right kind of attitude to have when dealing with a contour fail.

Twitter | @heebsta

Sometimes you just have to smile and embrace it. And remember, you're still cute AF.

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10. Continually scaring all of my family members.

Twitter | @Mai_Serry

On second thought, this is a great way to get rid of your annoying little brother. He'll be scarred for life.

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11. Even though this is a contour fail, it still looks pretty cool.

Instagram | @josie_harwood

Very Game of Thrones dragon chic. I'm into it, to be quite honest.

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12. If every time I messed up contouring Liam Neeson came to find me, I would mess it up 24/7.

Instagram | @makeup101_memes

I mean, I frequently do already. But seriously, the art of blending a contour is not for the faint of heart.

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13. The emotional journey of the contouring experience:

Tumblr | rivalpop

It's a real roller coaster. Better buckle up and hold on tight.

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14. The dreaded flash photography exposes all.

Instagram | @ashley_grace0414

You can run, but you can't hide from the flash of a camera. It takes no prisoners.

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15. Yep, this is definitely a relatable face.

Instagram | @jayd_green

I mean, there's not much else you can do when you experience a contour fail. You've just got to deal with it.

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16. Honestly, I say we try to make this look work.

Instagram | @jaimeeslifestyle

It's very bold, but if you wear it with confidence nobody will think twice. WORK IT, GIRL.

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17. Girrrrlllll, everything here is on point. 

Reddit | toadspimp

The hair, the brows, the eyes, the nails... but that contour needs a little love. It's almost there! And it's definitely the right shade, just needs a bit of blending!

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18. Ok, so that didn't quite work.

Twitter | @meowinton

But that doesn't mean it can't. Get your butt back to the drawing board and figure it out! Maybe a darker shade? Cream instead of powder? Do your face along with your neck? You're so close!

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19. Even Kim K has her off days.

Twitter | @taenissa

If the QUEEN of contouring can have a makeup mishap, the rest of us are all good. There's no shame in an occasional rough contour.

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20. This is too real.

Giphy | Giphy

I can get about this far into the contouring process before I'm lost. What do you do once you have the color on your face? How do I make it blend? What is that pink egg everyone else has?!

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21. He tried to contour using blue.

Twitter | @ItsMike_xD

It did not turn out, but you know what? It's all good! I can't even get the regular brown color to work...

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22. I'm sorry, but this is NOT a fail.

Twitter | @Danasian

Please tell me she's actually wearing that makeup. I would wear this in real life. Tell me this is real. It's too good!!!

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23. That contour may not be blended yet but HOLY.

Twitter | @adorabos

The rest of her hair and makeup is on POINT. I'm a huge fan of the gem-encrusted lips. Where is the tutorial for this?!

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24. You know it's not terrible, right?

Twitter | @starchytragedy

This is me every single time. I think you just need a lighter contour, and to blend it more. Then you'll be set! Also, can we talk about those white freckles?

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25. Meanwhile, as all of us are struggling, Michelle Phan is a straight-up goddess.

Giphy | Giphy

Literally. Not just her makeup, but that hairpiece and how her eyeshadow matches the backdrop... I can't get enough of this. So prettyyyyy.

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