15 Times The Holidays Brought Out The Best In People

Diply 24 Nov 2017

As much as we endure a bombardment of advertising around the holidays, encouraging us to open our wallets, we're also encouraged to open our hearts. This is the season when people do good things to make the world better, nicer, and altogether more pleasant for everyone, especially those less fortunate. You just have to love these folks.

1. Mo Fayose, a mental health student nurse, invited anyone who felt lonely to her Christmas dinner in 2016. Expecting 5-10 people, she ended up hosting 130.

Facebook | Mo Fayose

It cost her about £3,000 out of her own pocket, but still said the day was "awesome."

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2. Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand donated £500,000 worth of toys to charity, as well as 11,500 sleeping bags for Manchester's homeless population, in 2016.

Twitter | @rioferdy5

It wasn't just a grand gesture, but a call to action for the entire city.

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3. The Old Nag's Head Pub in Britain opened its doors to the homeless on Christmas Day in 2016 for a free day of food, drink, and fun. 

Twitter | @oldnagshead

There was a hairdresser on hand giving out haircuts, too, and locals donated things like clothes and toiletries to give away as well.

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4. This Muslim-owned restaurant in England offered free meals to the homeless and the elderly on Christmas Day, with someone to eat with at the table.

Twitter | @JamillaTweets

"Nobody will eat alone!" they promised.

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5. NYC-based business consultant Peter Shankman has made it a yearly tradition to give away his frequent flier miles on Imgur to help people get home for Christmas.

Imgur | phsnyc

And because he donated his miles, a few more people got to go home for the holidays.

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6. British police constable Sally Baines put out a Twitter appeal for toys for two boys going into foster care who had never had "pillows, toothbrushes, or toys," let alone Christmas gifts.

Twitter | @WYP_PC1917

The response was huge, with thousands of presents donated. The overflow went to other kids in need in the area.

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7. This guy and a few of his friends dressed up as superheroes on Christmas Day to hand out gifts to local kids in need, saying they were helping out Santa Claus after he got a "little behind."

Facebook | Harper Hernandez
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8. This family with four kids got robbed of all their gifts just before Christmas one year, so the officers who investigated decided to replace the gifts and surprise the kids with them the next night.

Facebook | Fremont Police Department

The incredibly grateful kids called it "the best Christmas ever!"

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9. At the University of North Florida, students, faculty, and the community come together to make Christmas toys more accessible for kids with disabilities.

UNF Adaptive Toy Project | UNF Adaptive Toy Project

The Adaptive Toy Project tailors each toy to the needs of an individual child so parents don't have to disappoint their kids on Christmas.

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10. Someone posted a picture of George, a homeless man, on Humans of Ireland's Facebook page, with a caption quoting him saying that the one thing he wanted was a Christmas dinner.

Facebook | Humans of Ireland

His photo went viral, and not only did he get his wish, through the magic of social media he ended up having his Christmas dinner with his sister, who he hadn't seen for 12 years.

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11. These police officers noticed this mom was driving an unsafe car with her three kids around Christmas time, so they fixed it up for her, including replacing a door, and gave her a gift card to help her buy presents for her kids.

Facebook | Washington Township Police Department
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12. Someone decided to make sure that even this homeless person sleeping on the streets of downtown Toronto would wake up to presents on Christmas morning.

Imgur | CanadianBacon9001

Sweeter than a candy cane!

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13. These three festive students in Ireland translated Santa Claus is Coming to Town into Irish Sign Language so the deaf could participate in caroling, too.

Facebook | Abbie O'Neill

They're all training to be interpreters, so they decided to use their skills for Christmas joy!

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14. Kacee Jackson went around to his local Toys "R" Us stores and, with some help from his friends, paid off all the layaway bills he possibly could so that kids would get toys for Christmas after all.

Facebook | Kacee Jackson

In all, he and his friends covered Christmas for 83 families who otherwise couldn't have afforded it.

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15. A group called the Peace Messengers treated hundreds of homeless people to a lavish dinner at one of Madrid's most famous landmarks, Cybele Palace.

Twitter | @DanielSilvaAFP

The guests were treated like royalty, toasted by the mayor, and given free taxi rides and goodie bags.

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Don't you just love what the holiday season brings out in people?


Even the scroogiest grumps and the grinchiest grouches can't resist the spirit of the season!

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