31 People That Are Bad At Their Jobs

Diply 26 Nov 2017

If you're like most of us, there's been a time when you trusted someone with a project you shouldn't have. But when all was said and done, you were left scratching your head instead of patting them on the back.

Hopefully, this collection of people who dropped the ball doesn't give you flashbacks to that time you hired a friend of a friend to save a few bucks.

1. Whoever decided this made sense.

Reddit | Reddit

This modification was made to liven up a typically mundane streetcar experience. Hey, as long as they don't raise the fare by another quarter, I'm on board!

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2. Whoever thought this was a good place for a soap dispenser.

Reddit | metalkosmos

It's really nice to see washrooms that cater to the taller people in our society. It's 2017, I'm glad progress is finally being made.

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3. Whoever decided to work around this.

Reddit | Troniky

No going back now, might as well finish the job and worry about what the homeowners think afterward. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, amirite?

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4. Whoever installed this door.

Reddit | thatgingerfella

Is this one of those Swedish doors people talk about? I've never been to Sweden and don't know anything about doors, but something about this just screams Ikea.

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5. Whoever installed this billboard.

Reddit | Reddit

Something is off about this and I can't quite put my finger on it... Wait, I see it now! The guy is riding the lawn mower upside down. Weird!

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6. Whoever set up these speakers.

Reddit | Mister__S

The best way to amplify sound outdoors is to place the speakers upside down on the ground and use the stands as decorative pieces, said no one ever.

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7. Whoever installed this flooring.

Reddit | langahh

"Yeah, so I'm a big fan of serrated knives and hate symmetry with a passion. Think you could do something like that on my floor?"

"Say no more."

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8. Whoever translated this sign.

Reddit | LifeOnTheFence

Whatever "thing" is, it's gotta be good if the restaurant can serve it with this description. Actually, I'd love a big bowl of "thing" right about now.

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9. Whoever installed this wireless router.

Reddit | LoftyTheSnowman

People in the office have ignored this for weeks. As long as everyone has full bars on their wifi, this isn't an issue that needs addressing.

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10. Whoever put up this world map.

Reddit | mangledeye

Oh man, I knew every map I've ever seen in my life has been a lie. Also, there are two Africas? Well, color me intrigued!

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11. Whoever installed this washroom stall lock.

Reddit | ItsJayO

What's the worst that could happen? Someone walks in on you playing Angry Birds with your pants down? That's nothing new, happens to me weekly.

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12. The person who assembled this fish fillet with a side of cheese

Reddit | SusannaDior
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13. Whoever was in charge of this sign.

Reddit | DimitriVOS

These aren't your typical rodents that roam city streets. This inn's rats are like the one in Ratatouille, they're lovable and make a mean soufflé.

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14. Whoever decided to put this door here.

Reddit | FrenchAvocadoo

This seems like a perfect spot to install a door. Also, who needs steps when there's a perfectly good chair just lying around, collecting dust?

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15. Whoever installed these stall doors.

Reddit | jartwobs

Is it an issue if people can see your butt if they don't know who owns it? This also makes sharing toilet paper a breeze.

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16. Whoever installed this exit sign.

Reddit | Whitlow14

This is what happens when you ask your friend if they "know a guy," and that guy ends up not even being able to do a simple job.

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17. Whoever installed this door lever.

Reddit | Public_Nickname

You may think this is a poorly done job, but I think it's a test to leave the building. This guy passes with flying colors!

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18. Whoever installed these tiles.

Reddit | truth_alternative

While some might see upside-down tiles and some shoddy installation, I see anti-slip flooring for a narrow doorway. It's all about the silver linings, people!

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19. Whoever delivered this package.

Reddit | keliix06

At least the package is safe from rain damage. Sure, the contents might be destroyed, but the box isn't all soggy. That's some firm cardboard right there!

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20. The person who tiled this shower

Imgur | Totallyirelephant

Not sure if you failed at your job or you're just a BIG Monty Python fan.

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21. Whoever drew this foul line.

Instagram | @sportsislife.ig

Let's just hope all the balls that are hit go straight down the middle, otherwise, that ump is going to have a tough time calling any foul balls.

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22. Whoever painted this road sign.

Instagram | @cherihaa

The thing is, whoever completed this job probably could have used some more school. In their defense, the "O" and "C" do look fairly similar. But they are, indeed, very different.

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23. Whoever packaged this box of spoons. 

Instagram | @robertjustchill

I can just picture the person who buys this box without looking closely at what's inside, and then suddenly realizes it was indeed full of forks early one morning when the milk from their cereal spills through the tines. Saddest story ever.

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24. The workers who put this banner up

Reddit | AllMightyWalrus

Yet another unrealistic beauty standard for women...

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25. Ahh Shane, the office clown!

22 Words | 22 Words

These are antics I can get behind. Thank you, Shane from Walmart, thank you for making life worth living!

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26. Whoever made these signs.

Reddit | wis_corp

Thanks for clearing that all up! I was close to assuming it was sectioned off for an actual reason, but these signs really helped put all my questions to rest.

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27. Whoever decided to bring the office up to code

Reddit | Fixthe-Fernback

"Hmmm, what's the literal least amount of work I could possible do?"

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28. Whoever labeled this produce

Reddit | GIJesus

They Must Have Run Out Of Data Or Something! "Hey Frank, what're these called again?"

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29. Whoever installed this railing.

Instagram | Imgur

The good thing about this staircase is if you're walking with someone you don't really like, just tell them to go up the left side, and then leave them to awkwardly fend for themselves.

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30. The person who served up this quesadilla

Reddit | rdaex

What do taco bell employees give? I'll give you a hint, they rhyme with "ducks" and there are zero of them.

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31. The person who was asked to fill the candy machines 

iFunny | iFunny

Maybe they just didn't want to mix up M&Ms and Skittles?

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32. Whoever installed these closet doors.

Reddit | bv8ma

This is what you end up with when you hire a carpenter off Kijiji who used Comic Sans as their font of choice in their advertisement.

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