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16 People Just Following Instructions

Diply 3 Jul 2018

The world is full of good people doing a bad job of something. Maybe they were too lazy or careless to do a task properly, or maybe they're just very literal. Either way, we're happy they exist, because they gave us these absolutely classic pictures!

1. I'm a lean green vehicle parking only machine!

Reddit | KraftyKyle

I'm like 80% sure that if something is green, that makes it environmentally friendly, right? And that's exactly why I paint all my plastics and non-recyclables green — I'm a real eco-warrior!

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2. To the tune of "Happy Birthday": "Sent from iPhone to yoooouuuu!"

PYP PE with Andy | PYP PE with Andy

There are huge events in life you just have to celebrate: 21st birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, Quinceañeras. But what's more magical than "Sent From iPhone"? Nothing. And with a cake like this, it'll be a night they never forget.

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3. "What is this?! I asked for enough apple slices for me and all my friends! Hold up — I only have one friend. On second thought, this is perfect."

Reddit | pwu1

Also, I always forget apples have a little star in the middle of them, so this was a nice reminder.

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4. It's a little hard to tell with no translation, but from context clues I'm guessing it's either a hairdresser or a scissors outlet store.

Reddit | zorbix

Is it because the wifi or phone line dropped out? Or is it because they couldn't connect with the translator service...emotionally?

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5. Whoever changed this sign is really putting the "wild" in "Wild Root."

Reddit | Mrcaimito

Well, I don't know what else you'd put on the sign. "Florist" and "gift shop" give me a pretty good idea of what you sell.

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6. You could play limbo under these bad boys!

Reddit | DarraghTheWalsh

What's alarming is that on the right, next to the machine, there are even more cups. The apo-cup-lypse is nigh and we're all going down.

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7. "It's actually U.H. Kevin. I was a very prestigious English poet in the 20th century."

Reddit | Reddit

Also, "Single, Soy, No Whip" is how I describe myself when I meet new people.

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8. Queue the song "Clocks" by Coldplay.

Reddit | Randooly

And when that second clock breaks, just stick an even smaller clock on that. And then an even smaller one, then a smaller one, and then a pocket watch!

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9. This is America's answer to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Reddit | Goto10

I'm dreading when this pole finally falls and knocks down the rest of the poles on the street in a domino effect. Except I'm kinda not because that'd be sick.

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10. You need to drop that attitude — you are so much more than just an editor.

Reddit | ShinnyRose

Also, you may "just be an editor," but surely you know no one speaks "Chinese" right? I feel like we needed to clarify that.

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11. The staves weren't an indication that they might mean a musical keyboard?

Reddit | -QuantumFury-

("Stave" is the plural of "staff", by the way. As in the lines on the whiteboard where you write the notes. YES OKAY I GOOGLED THAT.)

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12. Dinner plate, license plate... As long as the food's good, and you're still using cutlery, who cares?!

Reddit | Pagynn

You should see what's attached to my car — priceless china from my grandmother's wedding.

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13. Nothing is more important than the brand, not even the SAFETY OF HUMANS.

Reddit | Smoky_colombian

Maybe that doesn't even say "CAUTION! DANGER!". Maybe it says "CAHTLONI, RANCER!" and we're all going to be fine.

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14. It's no Soap on a Rope, but it's still very innovative.

Reddit | [deleted]

At least this way you can see what kind of soap it is and how much is left, if that's something that's important to you.

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15. Hot diggity dog! Said no one ever about this hot dog.

Reddit | KarmaKrusader

Why is there no bun and no other condiments and why did they slice it and — you know what? Just why to all of this.

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16. "Sorry, boss! I thought 'Shutterstock' was a fancy word for 'literally' or 'almost.'"

Reddit | orbitaldan

Even without the word "SHUTTERSTOCK" in there, this is a mess grammar-wise. Tea make everything better! Tea good! Me love tea!

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