People Are Wearing Plastic Clothes And Calling It Fashion

Diply 30 Jun 2017

One thing that I've never understood? Plastic on top of furniture, like coverings for couches, chairs, etc. What does that do? Protect it from dirt, and spills? I mean I guess I get it, but at that point, you aren't even seeing the actual couch.

What if someone put the same material in... I don't know... a pair of boots, or a pair of pants? Yes, one of the most surprising, and certainly unexpected, trends during the past few seasons has been plastic clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Yeezy and Loewe are two of several fashion designers to include pieces made from a plastic material in their latest collections, and a ton of smaller brands are following suit.

I feel conflicted about this trend. On one hand, I love it. On the other hand, I loathe it. How do you feel about the trend? Decide for yourself!

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1. Okay, so the trend really began when Kanye West included a pair of unique, clear over-the-knee boots in Yeezy season two. 

Instagram | @kimkardashian

Good or bad, everyone had an opinion about these boots. There was nothing like this done before!

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2. Naturally, his wife and poster child for everything lavish and luxurious, Kim Kardashian, wore a pair of these boots before anyone else did.

Twitter | @curvydotfashion

She somehow made them look absolutely amazing, which is something that us regular people could probably never do.

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3. Of course, a ton of other brands were eager to recreate the plastic boot, and there were a lot of spin-offs.

Footwear News | Footwear News

I'm really not sure how I feel about these. Do I love plastic booties? Do I hate plastic booties? I'm not sure?!

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4. But, that isn't where the trend ends. Loewe took to this plastic inspiration as well, and incorporated a ton of it into their Spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection.

Instagram | @ppgroupthailand

Exhibit A: these clear pants, on top of what looks like a pair of hot shorts. I'm not gonna lie, I mean I don't think real people could pull this off, but with that white baseball cap on a model, I'm kinda loving it.

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5. Want to get in on this trend, but feel sort of... vulnerable? Loewe included clear handbags in their collection, as well.

Instagram | @misterbagbyabel

Don't carry anything embarrassing, or food, because people will probs start following you.

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6. I mean, did you ever think that a plastic bag could look so chic?

Trends 4 Us | Trends 4 Us

Would you be bold enough to rock this bag? I don't know if I could, tbh.

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7. Are transparent tops going to catch on?

Instagram | @thebaghag

I mean, you gotta admit, the concept is pretty versatile. Throw one on top of any top, and voila, a brand new look!

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8. And the final element of the trend is... well... whatever this is.


Dress? Jumper? Roll of plastic wrap?

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