Love Me As I Am

Diply 4 May 2017

Everything is about loving someone so much that maybe their broken pieces will be fixed and they will be saved.

But what if they didn't ask to be saved?

What if they simply want to be loved for who they are, broken pieces and all, and want that be enough?

People want to be loved without conditions. 

Pinterest | Monika Lubas

They shouldn't have to change to be worthy of love. They should just be.

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Everything will work itself out.

Pinterest | Jillian

You will be loved for everything you are and are not. You'll forget what life was like before.

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The time will come when you get the love you deserve.

Pintereset | Jessica Souther

It may not be tomorrow, but it will happen. I promise.

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You should never have to beg to be loved.

Pinterest | Regan Ballmer

Love should come easily and without thinking. It should just happen.

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