15 Non-Tree Christmas Tree Alternatives

Diply 29 Nov 2016

Growing up, there was one Christmas where we had to live at my Grandparents’ house for a few months while we waited to move into our new house. There wasn’t room for a Christmas tree, so my sister and I made one out of paper to hang on the front door. We decorated it with candy. Of course, none of those decorations actually stayed on the tree until Christmas Day.

Still, it's a fond memory and I always think of that paper tree whenever I'm digging the giant artificial tree out of the basement and hoping that this isn't the year the duct-taped box finally gives up and I end up with fake pine branches scattered down those steep and narrow steps.

There are plenty of reasons you may not have a proper Christmas tree this year, either live or artificial. You could have allergies, or your space is simply too small, or last year your cats declared war on anything remotely pine-like and you've learned your lesson. That doesn't mean you can't evoke the spirit of a tree with one of these DIY alternatives.

1. Find a fabric tree and decorate it.

IKEA | Apartment Therapy

IKEA used to sell this fabric, but even if you can't find this specific one, you may find something similar elsewhere. Or, you could paint a tree of your own onto a dollar store sheet or tablecloth.

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2. Save space by using pine branches on the wall.

Kit + Forge | Kit + Forge

This is so pretty. Great for a home with not an inch of free floor space, but where allergies or pets aren't a problem.

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3. Stream ribbons over the coffee table.

The Organised Housewife | The Organised Housewife

Look, the Elf on the Shelf is helping!

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4. Go geometric with paper pyramids.

YouTube | HGTV Handmade

The more you make, the bigger the tree can be on your wall. This one is doggy-sized.

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5. Make cones out of construction paper and stack on a paper roll.

Frog Prince Paperie | Frog Prince Paperie

This one would be great to do with the kids.

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6. No floor space? The paper tree looks great on a door too!

The Xerxes | The Xerxes

Or on any wall surface.

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7. Go fringe.

Brittni Mehlhoff | Curbly

Another easy wall tree made of paper. The fringe and pale colors give it a beachy feel that I like.

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8. Cartoon cardboard.

The Meta Picture | The Meta Picture

This makes me think of the trees in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

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9. Cardboard, geometric, and 3D!

makedo-able | Instructables

Once you've stacked these, you can paint and decorate them however you want!

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10. Make a tree out of string art.

9Homes | 9Homes

You'll want to make this on a large board or canvas then lean it against the wall.

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11. Make a floating tree with green ornaments.

reddit | weallwantriches

You could randomly mix in some other colors or lights to make this mobile look decorated.

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12. Take the mobile modern.

Michael Haug | Curbly

I love the abstract tree that results from this project!

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13. Stack some photos for a family tree.

Emily Henderson | Emily Henderson

It's like a festive card castle. You may want to reinforce it with tape, since we all know how those card castles end up with the slightest breeze.

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14. Break out the Christmas washi tape!

Brit + Co. | Brit + Co.

So easy! And you can make a wall tree in different modern styles.

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15. Go big with brown kraft paper.

Crafts a la mode | Crafts a la mode

This is amazing! Sure, it's a bit of work, but for just rolls of brown paper and some staples, the results are gorgeous. You don't need to use an actual tree trunk as a base, either. You could substitute PVC pipe, a thick wooden dowel, or anything else that you can think of!

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