Dream Of Saying 'I Do' With These Beautiful Ombré Wedding Dresses

Diply 11 May 2017

This is a safe place. Let's all be honest with each other: we all have a dedicated board on Pinterest for wedding dresses. This might be an obvious one for brides, but those of us far from marriage have one too!

The biggest challenge is always deciding if you want to go traditional and classic or be brave and go for a trendy dress. But let me tell you, ombré might just be the way to go after you see these gorgeous dresses.

1. This blushing bride is rocking two trends: an ombré crop top wedding dress.

Instagram | @bernadettemadden
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2. Add some color and fun to a classic wedding dress style.

Instagram | @fgihouston
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3. Who said pink is just for Barbie? 

Instagram | @csiriano
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4. The blue just pops against the white of the dress and the fuchsia flowers.

Instagram | @lucy_cant_dance
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5. Important lesson for all of us: you can never have too much pink in a wedding.

Instagram | @pinkd.carrie
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6. Pictured: a bride who can't contain her excitement and a dress to match her happiness.

Facebook | Felicity Westmacott - Bespoke Dressmaker
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