15 People Who Really Just Do Not Give A Damn

Diply 18 Jan 2016

We've all been there, haven't we? It doesn't necessarily have to be on a Monday, although I'm sure a good number of these instances occurred closer to the beginning of the week than the end. You're going about your day-to-day, and for some reason things just aren't rolling off of you like they usually do. Maybe the customers at work are being extra "always right" today, or maybe your boss has decided that this week he's going to ride you so hard that he's installed a handrail on your back. Maybe you just finally reached that breaking point from the cumulative bullshit you've been dealing with since college ended, you didn't get your dream job, you had a mistake baby and had to settle into a boring, mundane, repetitive, soul-crushing job somewhere just to afford diapers, ramen and boxed wine!

Well, if that sounds anything like you, this article is all yours. I'm not suggesting you emulate any of these (definitely now unemployed) people, but at least live vicariously through their sheer lack of giving even one, tiny shit!

1. Time Is Money, Amirite?

reddit | LordJomi

I worked construction for a number of years during school. Take it from me: we will do things like this, especially if the job is quoted. Your fault, not ours!

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2. Well, Someone Was Being Salty!

reddit | _jerk_

This wasn't accidental at all, and it wasn't a miscommunication either. Somebody was not having a good day at work, and now my fries are paying the price!

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3. Could Be A Modern Art Installation...

DailyFailCenter | DailyFailCenter

These dudes are never allowed to do a jigsaw puzzle, like ever! I'm more mad about the one inch difference in the walkway — someone's going to die!

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4. "...NOT!" –Employee, Probably

reddit | Crash-N-Giggles

Honestly, this is the kind of disrespect that leads to issues. What if there's an emergency? What if I run out of toilet paper or accidentally fall into the toilet and can't get out, huh?

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5. Kiss My Grass, Amirite?


"Do I look like a damned gardener?"

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6. "They Wanted Soap, So I Got Them Soap! What's The Problem?"

Dump A Day | Dump A Day

The dedication (and amount of tape) that went into this blatant lack of dedication is inspirational!

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7. "Dave, I Think You Might Be Lysdexic!"

reddit | notathrowaway

It's funny because you can still read just as well if the first and last letters are the same...yeah...

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8. "What? I'm Not A Translator!"

reddit | vanloon

I guess it's true that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

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9. Dave Strikes Again!

Dump A Day | Dump A Day

Although I do like jams, so maybe this wouldn't be such a bad thing...

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10. Zero Chill

reddit | Firecracker500

Goes to show, no matter how you go out, always go out stone cold!

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11. Two Weeks, Ten Minutes, Whatever!

Tech Crunch | Tech Crunch

I swear this is a different Eric, although it is giving me some ideas!

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12. They Grow Up So Fast!

Dump A Day | Dump A Day

This individual either has an awesome sense of humor or really wants to get fired!

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13. The Guy Who Handles The Supers Was Sick That Day...

Music N' More | Music N' More

Also, am I the only one who thinks that looks like fat Kanye?

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14. "Pass Me The 12 Oz. From The Bottom Shelf!"

The Chive | The Chive

This is how my Dad made it through 40 years as a mechanic, I swear!

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15. When You Show Up To Work Without Your Spectacles, But You Still Try!

reddit | NickWisawesome

Honestly, though, anything is better than Fanta!

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