14 People With Too Much Money To Spend

Diply 22 Mar 2016

I don't know about you, but I have no idea what it's like to be rich.

It seems like it would be really awesome.

But maybe it's just easy for me to think that, because rich folk often make it seem like having too much money to spend is a huge problem.

So, the question remains, what would you spend all your money on?

These people figured out some things, what would you do?

1. What is better than a pool inside a pool? 

imgur | lizzielabz
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2. What else are you going to do with all your iPads? 

reddit | austinn_
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3. I wonder how many lives it took him to save up this much cash.

reddit | alexzhard
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4. It all makes sense now...

reddit | Wickster2
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5. I hope he tried to take that through the drive thru. 

reddit | nastynewman
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6. K thanks...

reddit | athanc
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7. Because when you can afford a convertible, you never put the top up. That just wouldn't make any sense.  

reddit | NightmarishPT
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8. OK, if I could do this for my pets I would. 

reddit | Alexxandria
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9. Don't you hate when your pocket change flies into the pool?

reddit | trooper843
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10. The struggle is real. 

reddit | Ryno3639
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11. Because I imagine there's a big difference. 

reddit | ExPhysGuy
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12. They are pretty useless otherwise when the battery dies. 

reddit | whysoserious385
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13. I bet this guy threw this one out and just tried again. 

reddit | eatmorchicken
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14. If you aren't a huge jerk about being rich, you're doing it wrong. 

Facebook | The LAD Bible
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