Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Fired Her Bra-Fitter For Spilling Secrets About The Royal Family

Diply 15 Jan 2018

When you're Queen Elizabeth, you only use the most reputable, illustrious brands. This is what's referred to as the Royal Warrant Holders Association, which is a group of businesses that have the honor of catering to the Royal Family.

When you're Queen Elizabeth, you also have your own personal bra-fitter. But Rigby & Peller, the undergarment company that's held a Royal Warrant for over 50 years, has just been stripped of the honor.

Why? Because of a book that was written by Rigby & Peller owner June Kenton, which allegedly revealed secrets about the Royal Family. Drama!

June Kenton released a biography entitled Storm in a D-Cup last March. The book detailed meetings that June had with the Queen and other members of the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace. 

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There's a section in the book where Kenton reveals that, while providing Princess Diana with lingerie, she gave Prince William and Prince Harry posters of swimwear models to hang in their rooms.

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Although the book does not include any specific references to the bra-fitting process of the royals, many people were outraged that Kenton would talk about private matters so publicly. 

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Although the book is an autobiography focused on June Kenton's life, many people saw the book as a distasteful opportunity to profit off of the Queen's private life. 

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After the book began receiving backlash, Kenton responded, "There’s nothing in there that makes you think, 'Oh! That’s naughty.'"

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Although Rigby & Peller has held a Royal Warrant for 57 years, the shop was stripped of its warrant after the release of the book.

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And although there were many negative opinions about the book, there were also many supporters of Kenton's autobiography. 

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Does this not really make you want to read the book now?

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The Royal Warrant Holders Association is a pretty big deal, so we can see how Kenton would be sorely disappointed by the news that her store had been dropped. 

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Fortunately, it seems that Queen Elizabeth's other Royal Warrant Holders still have a sterling reputation.

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Fortnum & Mason has the honor of providing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip with food, tea, and gifts. 

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The company has been around since 1707, so you can bet they have an excellent reputation.

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Even royals care about perfume! J. Floris Ltd. is the fragrance house that provides scents for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. 

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They're the oldest independent family-run perfumer in the world!

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Bentley & Skinner is just one of multiple jewelers charged with servicing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. 

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The shop also does a lot of repairs and restoration work.

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And, of course, it's only the best for the Queen's fleet of Corgis. 

Country Pursuit by Judge's Choice | Country Pursuit by Judge's Choice

Judge's Choice pet food holds the Royal Warrant for food, treats, toys, and other pet accessories.

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