9 Reasons Intelligent People Struggle In The Area Of Love

Diply 16 Aug 2016

Relationships aren't the easiest things in the world. You're not just dealing with your own wants and needs, but someone else's too. That's a scary thing and can be difficult at times. Love is a very powerful thing and can overcome a lot... but how do you find love if you have trouble finding a relationship? Intelligent people are among some of those who struggle to find these things. It's not because they aren't the ideal or because they have more faults. Everyone faces their own struggles in relationships and in their journey to find love. If you're one of the people who tends to use the left side of their brain rather than the right and have been experiencing some troubles in the love area, here might be some reasons as to why. Everyone deserves love, it's just about finding the right person for you.

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1. You are analytical.

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When faced with a new situation, you pull information from past experiences to determine the outcome. Based on that process, you basically make your decision ahead of time rather than see how the situation unfolds naturally. Because of this, it's harder to keep a relationship because at any sign of trouble you try to get out.

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2. You are guarded.

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Because you are so analytical, it's harder for you to open up. You think about all the times you opened up to someone and it ended badly... so you try not to make the same mistakes. This makes you seem cold and closed off — which isn't your intention — but it's not what people look for in a partner either.

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3. You're very straightforward.

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Almost too straightforward. You say what you think and mean, but unfortunately this can come off as rude. Basically, there's no beating around the bushes with you... but some circumstances require a gentler approach, which just isn't how you do things.

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4. You miss certain social cues.

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You don't pick up on hints, especially when someone shows interest in you. It's not your fault, but this leads you to miss out simply because you didn't notice.

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5. You follow your head over your heart.

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You understand what your head is telling you and it's something you've been using since you can remember... but your heart is a different story. You can't always explain what your heart feels or understand what it's trying to tell you... so it's easier to just ignore it.

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6. You value achievements over a relationship. 

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Whenever you did well in school — or anywhere you had to use your brain — you felt validated. You have control over the areas in your life you perform well in, so you value those more than relationships because those can't be quite so easily controlled.

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7. Some find you intimidating.

Tumblr | guidetoclassy

People just don't know if they can live up to you. They're intimidated by your intelligence and worried they won't have anything to say or that you'll get bored of them.

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8. You're misunderstood.

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All the things listed before just reach the conclusion that you're misunderstood. You can't completely help the way you think or view the world, but people are hesitant to get to know you... even though you are every bit worth knowing.

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9. You choose to be single.

HDwallpaperUP | HDwallpaperUP

You know what you want out of life and if a relationship isn't a part of that that's okay. You choose to fly solo because it works for you. It might not be forever but right now it's what you want.

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