41 Funny People Who Took Selfies To The Next Level

Diply 11 Jul 2017

Since everybody and their grandma is taking fire selfies these days, people really have to step theirs up if they want to stand out! Honestly, though, the ones I'll really care about are the ones that make us laugh.

So let's check out these hilarious people who know how to do just that with these next-level selfies!

1. That snapchat filter is getting more and more realistic!

Instagram | Instagram

Of course, that's not actually the dog filter from snapchat, but hey, it covers up that ugly mug well enough, amirite?

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2. This is the level of "extra" that we need in social media these days.

Instagram | @roadmanallday

If your friends aren't willing to provide more lighting than a Hollywood film set, what good are they?

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3. Some of these really blow us away, literally.

Instagram | @will_ent

I honestly can't imagine the number of times they'd have to jump/pose to nail this one. It definitely worked out, though, huh?

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4. These people, on the other hand, made the most of something that didn't work out.

Instagram | @heatherofsparta

Judging by their faces, these two weren't really that broken up about it. Not quite what you'd expect at a divorce finalizing!

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5. Then there are times when the unintentional was the funniest part about it.

Imgur | nemotes

Panoramic shots are easy enough to mess up as is, but there is no weirder face you can make than when you have to sneeze!

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6. One trick that always works is to get someone annoyed in your shot!

Reddit | MicrowaveSama

Oh, you don't appreciate selfies? Well, if you jump in my pic, it's not just a selfie anymore! That counts, right?

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7. Other times it's about the people you will annoy later.

Facebook | Spicy Memes

Like your vegetarian friends when they see the savageness of a selfie like this. Well, luckily, vegetarians are famous for their great sense of humor.

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8. ♪ No one snaps like Gaston ♪

Facebook | Warning: Disney Addicts Only

Sometimes you end up getting exactly what you asked for. Big-time props to this guy for staying in character that well! This is exactly how he'd selfie.

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9. This is a quokka, and yes, it's that exciting to meet them!

Reddit | Whyareweshouting

Honestly, this guy didn't have to make a face at all for this selfie to be fire. Cute animals are all you need!

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10. Of course Hugh Jackman gets it. 

Twitter | @RealHughJackman

Even if your skills are awful, you can always add something cute! Despite his instincts, Jackman included this baby penguin instead of a baby wolverine.

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11. Of course, it's good to have a reminder of where the selfie came from.

Twitter | @Tweetfromsoul

Back in the day, phones had circular dials and cords attached to receivers! In fact, they didn't even have cameras attached, so...wait, what?

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12. Jumbo selfie inception for the win!

Reddit | Vytr

Every sports fan has got to dream of a moment like this. What's better than seeing yourself on the Jumbotron? Seeing it twice, of course!

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13. This one I'd like to call "the justice selfie"

Reddit | mjomark

I haven't read a comic book in a long time, but I assume that these days all the superheros take selfies after fighting crime, right?

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14. Now that's some deep-sea selfie expertise!

Reddit | burgernow

It might seem fake, but these guys are actually pro at this. Apparently, they've been taking all kinds of photos like these — find them here!

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15. The most intense selfie stick you could use!

Reddit | Chohah

The only thing that could be more gruff is, I dunno, like, Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking a cigar and using the sword from Conan the Barbarian as a selfie stick, or something.

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16. I know these aren't people, but they are total squad goals.

Reddit | SlimJones123

This hype crew lookin' like they're about to drop the hottest mix tape of the year makes me rethink everything.

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17. This level of extra should be mandatory for bathroom selfies!

Reddit | [deleted]

I know you'll shudder when I say it, but I can't help it — she's got a leg up in the selfie game!

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18. ♪ We got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea ♪

Instagram | @miinute

Err, lake? Point is, underwater selfies — the "ones" are always cold, and there are boys ready to crack them with. Serenity.

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19. Not all animal selfies will go as planned.

Reddit | ThatGuy1331

Here are the three stages — first, the "everything is fine" stage. Then "oh no, what is happening?" Followed by "I'm outta here!!!"

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20. In fact, some animal selfies can turn out crappy.

Reddit | vinnyty

Not in the bad way, but in a literal sense. That is one proud dad right there. Proud of himself, really.

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21. If you're going to do a couple selfie, do it right!

Instagram | @will_ent

I can't believe they've captured both beard goals and relationship goals in one shot. Took me a little while to even notice.

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22. Sometimes it's worth the wait.

Instagram | @will_ent

And this is quite the wait, to say the least. But, as they say, "like father, like son," and both father and son will get a lot of likes.

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23. I'm getting dizzy just looking at this one.

Reddit | iceeee

I don't know how and I really don't know why this guy decided to get up there, but it's simply too epic not to include.

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24. We all know the Leaning Tower of Pisa pic, but this guy's out here in 3017 with this one.

Instagram | @will_ent

From now on, I expect all pics from Pisa to be in this form.

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25. This dude is sooo high, man!

Facebook | Weird World

Well, we really can't argue about how awesome this shot is. So, if you want some quick and easy likes on Instagram, just grab yourself a jet!

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26. Yep, nothing makes me smile more than other people being annoyed.

Reddit | [deleted]

Love him or not, you have to admit Kanye has the best "I'm so done with this" face in the world.

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27. There are food selfies and then there's this guy.

Imgur | alistairs

The new minimum standard for food selfies is four slices of pizza. I think this one will turn out well — there's not a pineapple in sight!

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28. This guy clearly needs to get on the Hogwarts Express and tap into his wizarding potential ASAP. 

Twitter | @MounBlanDreads
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29. And this is why they confiscate our phones during exams.

Facebook | The Wall of Comedy

But kudos to this dude for sneaking in an epic selfie that spread such a funny look on the professor's face, amirite?

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30. Am I doing it right?

Imgur | MagicFlight

#duckface #instagirl #lovemylife

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31. This selfie is on fire.

Trending.Report | Trending.Report
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32. Or what about these women, who prove that you can take a hands-free selfie and still have normal shoes. 

Reddit | Ze-skywalker

Disclaimer: you'll still look freaking weird.

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33. This revolutionary individual, who...erm...well, you can't deny there's serious commitment involved.

Imgur | waqash
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34. Who needs a man when you have one of these?

Imgur | wisnik
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35. When you just wanted one good picture with them, but the love is not reciprocated. 

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36. This kid is one smooth criminal. 

Reddit | The_Hans

Look at him. He's nailed it, and he knows it.

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37. Back from the gym

Imgur | chasingcars4

#gymlife #swoll #chestday

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38. Best girls' night out ever!

Imgur | ateart

#turnt #whitegirldrunk #somuchlove

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39. This guy has managed to produce a new brand of inception selfie. 

Reddit | onthelevel3
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40. And here's Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking a cigar and using the sword from Conan the Barbarian as a selfie stick.

Reddit | mandal0re

"What is best in life?"
"To crush your selfies, see them snapped before you..."

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41. And lastly, this totally out-of-this-world selfie.

Reddit | MadeInAmerica2012

This must be why NASA won't send people into space anymore. All it's missing is the Snapchat dog filter to make NASA respond with "smh."

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