When You're Single And Can't Afford To Mingle

Diply 13 Jun 2017

Broke and lonely — a state many of us young adults are familiar with, but it's really not as bad as it sounds.

Take it from me, someone who is more than familiar with being poor and single, there are still ways to get out, have fun, and enjoy life. It's just not as great as, you know, having money. I'm not gonna lie, having some good, good cash would really clear up a lot of our problems.

But hey, unless I win the lottery or someone finally recognizes me for the genius, handsome, charming, bronzed god that I am, I'm probably not gonna be rich soon.

So today I wanted to take a look at what's worse — being broke or being single? When you're a bit of both, it's hard to say!

At least when you're broke, you know you're broke!

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Being single is a tricky game. I find myself constantly asking, "Oh, did that mean something? Should I introduce myself? Are they looking at me or someone behind me?"

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When you're broke, there are still ways to keep the party goin'...

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When you're single, the thirst is real...

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But at least you can be yourself about it. No one's gonna get jealous just 'cause you see someone attractive. Just try to keep the jets cool to a degree.

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But money is kind of nice if you like to, you know, eat and live and stuff...

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At least you can always live vicariously when you're single.

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"Single and ready to mingle" sounds a lot better than "broke and I'm a joke." 

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So which is worse? The single life or being broke?

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I guess the answer doesn't really matter when you're dealing with both!

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