16 Tattoos For True Travelers

Diply 27 Nov 2017

Ask anyone who has body art: When you get a tattoo, it's meaningful. It commemorates something you hold dear or somewhere that's important.

For those with a case of wanderlust, a tat can be the perfect way to honor somewhere they've been. Back in the day, we had stickers for suitcases and stamps for passports. Now, we have amazing body art.

1. A beautiful juxtaposition.

Reddit | theskuffy

The person who got this done says they'll continue adding to it as they visit more places. The lotus flower adds a different layer, evoking thoughts of natural beauty and inner peace.

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2. Follow your heart.

Instagram | @tourpelomundo

If you're into the more minimal pen-and-ink style designs, you could do a lot worse than this simple outline that pretty much says it all in a couple of basic shapes.

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3. Leonard Cohen would approve.

Reddit | tromplemonde

Lyrics to a personally meaningful song are a great choice for a highly personal tattoo. Here, a simple world map is elevated thanks to the addition of one of Cohen's lines.

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4. If you love cats almost as much as you love traveling...

Instagram | @pavelitotattooer

A more light-hearted design than most on this list, this majestic, colorful piece features a cat-as-tourist motif, which isn't seen nearly enough in the tattoo world.

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5. Sometimes the "where" doesn't really matter.

Instagram | @giuliadavistattoos

Nothing says wanderlust better than the depiction of an old suitcase covered with labels. This tat also features a mantra that should be familiar to anyone who loves traveling.

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6. Two designs in one.

Instagram | @mademoisellecoccinellee

This unique piece features a realistic depiction of Table Mountain in South Africa with a Maori design from New Zealand, combined into one eye-catching diamond design.

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7. Show off your spirituality.

Instagram | @kristinabenet

Sometimes travel can lead to experiences that change the trajectory of your life. This is captured here in a tat that blends a world map with a representation of Buddha.

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8. Whimsical wanderlust.

Instagram | @porcelainstairs

True, no one really gets around via hot air balloon. But the desire to just go up, up, and away on the way to an exotic new place is universal.

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9. She's got the whole world on her arm.

Instagram | @luisa.blackbird

I like this one. The silhouetted world map is instantly recognizable, and the shapes provide a great background for this unique floral pattern.

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10. Looking forward to starry nights.

Instagram | @larihroseno

As touched on earlier, there's something about the anticipation of the flight to a destination that all travelers recognize. The Van Gogh flourishes really stand out in an otherwise stark tat.

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11. The heart wants what it wants.

Instagram | @maricler

Old-school anatomical drawings are great tattoo fodder, and the way that this artist deftly blended a heart and a globe makes this tat one to be proud of.

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12. One you can add on to.

Instagram | @lingvongbot

I like the combination of landmarks and passport stamps showing exotic places: Lesotho...the Sydney Opera House...Big Ben...Indiana.

Wait, Indiana?!? Well, I guess it's exotic to some people.

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13. A motivational poster, in tattoo form.

Instagram | @sonigross_tattoo

If you want to have a personal mantra close at hand, there's no better way to do it than getting a tattoo. Should you travel? Look to your wrist...

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14. A window into the soul.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

For travelers, the anticipation is almost as good as the arrival. Sometimes, there's nothing more exciting than being in the clouds, knowing you're traveling somewhere exotic at 500 miles per hour.

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15. Almost too epic.

Reddit | Papa-smurph11

You might not be a conquering hero commanding a revolutionary warship back to your home port, but there's no reason you can't imply it with a triumphant piece like this.

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16. How to get where you're going.

Instagram | @liliterraink

We'd never be able to travel anywhere if we didn't have a compass to guide the way. Drive this point home with an elegant compass rose piece.

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